There’s A Thousand Rabbits. - Nov 17, 2023

Dear gardening friends
I've got family coming for Christmas so it's nice to have colour around your house. It makes them think you're a gardener.

I took some Spreading Petunias home about 4 weeks ago. I topped up the pot with Tim's Best Potting mix. I planted two seedlings per pot. I mulched around them with Sugar Cane. They have grown like crazy.

They are big pots, but I still water them every day. By Christmas they will be spilling over the sides. They are going to look spectacular.

I usually plant Purple, but I couldn't find them anywhere, so red's the next best colour for me. These make me smile every afternoon. Flowers do that.

You still have time to make your garden pop with summer flowers. Make sure you use our Tim's Best Potting mix. It's 100% better than the next best. It really is worth the drive.

I had a smile on my face, as I looked up at Philip Morphew's Bougainvillea this morning. Every morning I walk the dog up the street. It's good for both of us. Occasionally I see Philip, he gets up very early.

Philip's Bougainvillea is famous in our street, it's huge, this photo really doesn't do it justice. It's three stories high. It flowers like this for most of the year but it peaks leading up till Christmas.

It's home to 1,000 wild Rabbits. Look I haven't counted them, they keep moving, and I know this is an exaggeration. There's lots.

They have made their homes under this thorny vine to protect themselves from foxes.

A couple of years ago Philip's Bougainvillea got struck by lightening. We heard it, it shook our house down the street. We looked up the hill, it looked like Phillip's house was on fire, flames were going 20 metres in the air.

The Fire brigade turned up.
It was the Bougainvillea that got hit, not the house, it burnt to the ground. Rabbits were homeless.

But it grew back, it's bigger than ever. The Rabbits have moved back. Their house has never looked better. It's covered in Purple flowers. It's a beacon.

I'm smiling because one of my customers wants me to get him this variety. It's called Bougainvillea glabra Magnifica Traillii. It's a cold tolerant, dense, vigorous evergreen climber with deep purple flower bracts. It's so tough you could set fire to it.

I just discovered a green oasis in Minto. I was driving along Longhurst Rd thinking how dry and desolate the place looked.

But then I noticed this lush green lawn and it made me smile. One of our best customers lives here. He had just finished mowing the lawn. He had the biggest smile, he was so happy to see me.

You could tell that he loves mowing lawns. He was excited when I lifted the back door of the van. He couldn't wait to help me unload.

This family loves our Tim's Gardening products. I noticed Tim's Fast Food and Tim's Rapid Results. Today they are getting 32 bags of Tim's Topdressing delivered. They are Topdressing the lawn.

They had some serious landscaping done about 6 months ago and the lawn got trashed. They top dressed and the grass has grown back spectacularly.

They were so happy with the results, they are Topdressing again. Tim's Topdressing is only available in bags. We sell 25 litre bags 2 for $16.00.

This amazing product contains compost, sand and manure. It makes your grass hold more water, and that's why the grass turns so green.

The secret to Topdressing, is to use a large broom to sweep it into the grass. You want the green tips to show through.

Fertilise at the same time with Tim's Rapid Results Lawn Food and water daily for 7-10 days. You will be amazed by the transformation. Your lawn will turn bright green. At Christmas time it will be a green oasis.

It does require regular watering during dry periods. Don't topdress, if you don't water your lawn.

Would you like a White Jacaranda tree????
We have grafted a White Jacaranda tree here at Tim's Garden Centre, and we are auctioning it to raise money for beyondblue.
All money raised goes to the charity.
Follow the link to bid.

The White Jacaranda Tree is about to flower. It's a beautiful tree in a 250mm pot. It's one metre high. It's beautiful. It's been grafted by Tim. Come and see it.

This is a rare collectors plant, which will be sold to the highest bidder. Share with friends.
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If this link doesn't work simply go to EBay and type in White Jacaranda in the search.
The auction ends on Monday. It's up to $300.
I think that's still cheap.

Happy gardening