Try My Rosemary lamb Roast! - Nov 10, 2023

Dear gardening friends
Drove past this beautiful Jacaranda tree outside Bridge Water Estate in Camden. I love how the petals fall on the ground.
Isn't it beautiful!!!

I'm sure I'll get a few comments "but the flowers are slippery when wet, and dangerous." Yes they are slippery when wet, so slow down.

The flowers last about two weeks.
It can be a beautiful danger zone for two weeks. It can be a beautiful shade tree for the rest of the time.

I hear so many negative things about trees. People sometimes forget they are talking to a tree lover.

I had a couple this week who are in a retirement village. They have a tree that's causing them distress. They showed me a photo. It was the most beautiful shade tree.

What was causing them so much distress? The leaves were almost touching their brick wall. The leaves fall off in autumn and blow into the garage.

I nearly had a break down.
You can't judge a tree on its performance for two weeks of the year. Imagine if we got judged like that. We'd all get chopped down.

If you're a tree hater go on holidays for those two weeks. Come back when the leaves have blown away to become compost. It's the circle of life. Life isn't perfect.

This tree made me smile today.
It's the smallest things that make life beautiful.
I see things like this every day.

It's hard to believe this tiny flower could have such an amazing perfume.
This old world plant grew in my mothers garden.

It's a ground covering, shade loving plant, that has these highly perfumed purple flowers, in winter through spring.

It's extremely easy to grow, and it can spread and cover a large area, over time. It's perfect for covering bare patches in shady gardens.

I was working at a wholesale nursery, and I told the owner about my mothers amazing Viola odorata. I told him they should grow it. He asked me if my mother would let him have some?

"I'm sure she would" was my reply.

He sent someone to my parents place to get some of the Viola. Things got mixed up in translation. The person he sent dug up all my mothers Viola ordorata, and took it away. The ground looked like it had been ploughed. We could have grown Potatoes!!!!

My mother took years to forget this story, I can't believe I'm telling it here.
She's going to read this story.
I'll be getting a phone call for sure.

The things I do for you.
We have this plant. It could have come from my mother's garden?
I'm dead.

This Rosemary Lamb was amazing.
I served it with baked potatoes, pumpkin, onion, carrot and silverbeet. Plonked on top was a huge dollop of Humus.

I don't do mint sauce, and I'm not eating gravy made from fat, that will kill me. Wow, this is going to cause some controversy.

We had Brussel sprouts too.
Yes I love them.

How did I make the marinade?
Fresh home grown Rosemary chopped up. (We have Rosemary plants, you need one)Table spoon of Seed Mustard, big spoon of Honey, Garlic, Soy Sauce and 3 Anchovies chopped up fine. Ground Pepper and Salt.

I cut pockets in the lamb and inserted Garlic. These pockets soak up the sauce too. It took almost 3 hours to cook on 180.

Tonight I'll heat up the left overs and make Kebabs. Yes more Humus coming.

Did you know I'm Lebanese?

We had a Melbourne Cup Luncheon this week. This is the first time I didn't know one horse in the race.

I mean I never know the horse, but I might know the name of a horse, that's got a chance.
I didn't bet, so I had a win.

It might be the race that stops the nation, but we were busy.

I don't think any of the staff had a bet either. Are we just getting old?
Did you have a bet?

We had a great lunch.
Make your own sandwich with meats, cheese, avocado, tomato, lettuce, garlic sauce and Hummus.
Fruit afterwards.

Happy gardening