Trees Make You Feel Good. - Oct 27, 2023

Dear gardening friends

This made me smile this morning.
The Brachychiton "Jerilderie Red" is bursting into bloom in Mawson Park for the first time.

This native tree has an amazing history. It was first found growing in Jerilderie Primary School.

It was planted at the school by a student named Maggie MacDonald in 1880. She probably found the seedling growing in her parents garden.

It wasn't until 1958 that an amateur horticulturist named Walter Pyle noticed that this tree was special. It was a chance cross between an Illawarra Flame tree and a Kurrajong tree.

It's an evergreen drought hardy tree, that grows 8 metres high by 4 metres wide in 20 years. It has these spectacular Red Christmas Bells from now until late January.
It's truely spectacular!!!

The tree can't be grown from seeds as it reverts back, so all trees have to be grafted, so the parentage comes from Maggie's original tree. Isn't that exciting.

We've grafted Brachychiton "Jerilderie Red" here at our nursery. We've got beautiful trees available for $75.00. They are a collectors plant. They are hard to find in nurseries.

The one growing in Mawson Park has taken a few years to flower. I've been watching it very closely. I watered it a few times to get it started. Check it out at the entrance to Mawson Park. The bees were loving the flowers this morning.

Look sometimes you see a Jacaranda tree, that just looks so much better than the rest. You look at the flowers, and they seem darker, and there just seems to be more of them.

This beauty in Ingleburn caught my attention this morning, so I stopped to take a photo. It's growing happily outside this old fibro house. Just imagine this house without the tree?

I'm a tree lover, I'm in awe of their beauty. The bigger they are the more I love them. It's Jacaranda season, you'll see them wherever you go. You'll find some like this one, that just look better than the rest.

We have Jacaranda trees here from just $10.00. We'd love to see more get planted as street trees. They just look so beautiful and they are so easy to grow.

This was my place this morning.
This is how you cool the air around your house. It makes you feel so good when you walk through the pockets of shade. You feel it pass through your body. It's so peaceful too.

If you can't see shade on the ground around your house, you need more trees. Work out where you need to plant them, so they shade your house.

I'm a tree lover. I've planted all these trees.
They make me feel good.

It's Rose season, roses always look their best at Melbourne Cup time. You'll notice your Rose bushes are covered in flowers right now. This is when we all fall in love with Roses. All our Potted Rose Bushes are covered in flowers.
They look spectacular!!!!!

Its the best time to come and buy Roses because you can see the flowers, you can sniff them and pick the most fragrant varieties. You can see what colour they really are. You aren't looking at pictures on labels, it's real.

You can also see which varieties have the healthiest foliage. You can choose the most disease resistant varieties, it's real. We can't hide the ones that get black spot. You can see with your own eyes which plants are the best.
Come for a visit, bring your nose.

You should also look at your own Rose bushes.
They will have Aphids on the new growth.
If you don't spray them now the buds won't open properly, the petals will just fall off. It's a disaster.
You could spray with Pestoil or Eco oil but we've had more success with Pyrethrum. It works.
You could also use Yates Rose Gun. This contains an insecticide and a fungicide. It works.

Its also time to mulch your Roses with Tim's Cow Manure. This will make your soil hold more water, it will also attract worms into your gardens. Worms are natures gardeners. They aerate the soil and let more water in. They also poo in your garden and that makes amazing fertilser. One bag of Tim's Cow Manure will cover 3m2.
It makes your roses sprout more new growth so you get more flowers. It's magical.

No we don't sell 4 bags of Cow manure for $20.00. Our Cow manure isn't 25% Cow manure and 75% Recycled green waste. Our Tim's Cow Manure is real Cow manure. We only sell the best.

We have lots of Christmas colour. If you plant flowers now they will be peaking at Christmas time when the relatives come to visit. Use or Tim's Best Potting Mix to get the best results.
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Happy gardening