Karl Made His Backyard Look Bigger? - Oct 13, 2023

Dear Gardening Friends,
Hayden follows this guy on Facebook. His name is Karl Campbell. He bought a new house with the tiny backyard 8 years ago.

He could have planted grass like everyone else does, but he didn't. This garden is just so beautiful, and so simple to do. I just wanted to share it with you. This is living.

Why is everything growing so well?
Karl put the path in first. He curved it so it made the garden more interesting, but it also makes wider spots in the garden, where he could plant trees.

He made the path on top of the existing clay soil then he used garden mix to fill up the gardens to the top of the path. This allowed him to put 75mms of good soil in the garden so all his plants had drainage and room for roots to grow. He would have improved the soil with Cow manure and mulched it with Sugarcane.

If I owned a new house with a small backyard I'd replace the grass with gardens too. It allows you to plant shrubs and trees like this, so you have depth. I noticed he's got fragrant shrubs like Gardenias and a Native Frangipani for height.
If you bring photos of your garden we will help choose plants so you have a garden like Karl.

20 years ago we used to buy Pelargoniums from a German grower in Dural. We loved his plants, they sold so well, but then he retired.

Recently we've discovered another guy who grows amazing Pelargoniums. The flowers look like Azaleas. But Pelargoniums are much easier to grow than Azaleas, and they don't get Lace bug.

We think you will love these old world plants too. They are easy to grow like Geraniums and they will grow in pots or gardens. They flower through the warmer months, if they ever look tired simply cut them back and fertilise with Tim's FAST FOOD. They like our Cow Manure too.

We have several colours here to choose from. Once you have them, it's easy to grow more from cuttings. They grow beautifully in Tim's Best Potting Mix.

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These Bougainvilleas have been left to grow wild, outside an old house in Minto. I love Bougainvilleas, and they are flowering in gardens all around Macarthur right now.

They come in an amazing selection of colours. They can be trimmed and shaped, they can even be grown in big pots.

But it's when they are left to grow just a little bit wild, they catch your attention. The arching branches spill over, covered in flowers.

We have discovered a new grower of Bougainvilleas. They come already flowering, so you know exactly what colour you're getting. We have at least 10 colours.

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Happy gardening