I’m Moving To Poland? - Sep 22, 2023

Dear gardening friends

Sometimes you come across something that's so amazing, you want to share it with your gardening friends.

That's what happened when I ate this Big Yellow Tomato. It was so amazing and so different I saved the seeds so you could grow it too.

Tim's Big Yellow Tomato has soft skin, it's almost like a Persimmon. You won't have eaten a Tomato like this. It has more vitamins, than red tomatoes, and you're less likely to burp, after you eat them.

It's an heirloom variety so it's grown for taste. Pick it early and ripen inside to avoid fruit fly. Grow it in a big pot using Tim's Best Potting Mix or grow it in your vegetable garden.

Tim's Big Yellow Tomato seedlings cost $4.99. They grow super fast.
Make sure you stake them.

There is a limited supply of this Tomato because we have grown them ourselves so don't delay or you will miss out.

New Season Hydrangeas have arrived in all your favourite colours. These old world, hardy shrubs, are so in fashion.

The huge ball like flowers really are spectacular. They come in white, pink, blue and bicolours.

Hydrangeas are thirsty shrubs, so they thrive in gardens that only get the morning sun, especially in hotter suburbs like Macarthur.

They can be grown in pots but you have to be a good gardener who remembers to water. If Hydrangea dry out they start to droop and beg for water.

They look fabulous planted as an informal hedge. Plant one colour, and they will look amazing from October till Christmas.

They make amazing inexpensive gifts. You'll get a potted shrub, covered in flower buds, for $34.99.

Peter the Greek has just dropped in, he's still wearing his holiday shirt. He's been overseas for 6 weeks, that's why there's been no stories recently.

I had to apologise to Ooh La La this morning, for my lack of attendance. I bought 4 of their best.

Peter looked so brown, he's been to Greece, it's where he was born. But he's telling me to move to Poland!!! I'm having one of those days, and I'm actually thinking about moving to Poland. Peter loved the architecture. "It's beautiful Timmy".

But when we sit down, and eat cakes, his love for Greece can't be contained. So I'm moving to Greece now, possibly with Peter.

Peter is telling me about the food, he rattles off some of his favourites. It's so cheap 30 Euro fed he and his wife, and tells me, they bring you free ice cream at the end.

He's full of holiday stories.
He's thinking that maybe he shouldn't work so hard.

He asks me what's the favourite plant in Greece? I say succulents, I'm thinking it's a trick question.
"No you dummy, it's Olive trees, they just grow so beautifully. It's amazing, the soil is so barren, but they thrive."

The cakes disappear, the cakes are pretty good in Australia too. I have to kick Peter out.

One of my long term customers comes to the door, I've been telling Peter that this guy has over 200 potted plants in his garden. I introduce Peter to him, we have a laugh, he tells us that his wife wants him to sell some of his pots.
"No way", I say, "you love those plants, you need them for your mental health".
He agrees and smiles.

We all need something, to keep us happy, for some people it's plants.
I love my job.

A Wisteria growing on an old fence post in Menangle. There's a couple more just around the corner, including a double flowering variety.

This one in particular, catches my heart, every spring. It doesn't get watered, it fends for itself.

Then for a couple of weeks, it puts on this floral show, that makes us all want to plant a Wisteria.

When i put the window down to take this photo, the fragrance wafted in.
The people behind me were very understanding, "look at this d head he's taking photos of flowers".
I gave them the peace sign.

There's a stop sign at this corner, they've put a stop sign here, so you can take a photo of the Wisteria. So thoughtful.

We still have Wisterias in stock.
We have white flowering varieties too.
Zoom zoom.

Happy gardening