Start Watering Your Garden Now. - Sep 15, 2023

Dear gardening friends
Hot weather is coming so that means it's time to plant Tomatoes. They love the heat and if you water them daily they grow so fast!!!!

I had amazing success with my Tim's Italian Tomatoes last summer! They have large pear shaped fruit. I picked these green, and ripened them inside in a bowl, with other fruit. It takes them just a week, to go bright red. They taste like they were ripened on the vine.

To get these plants to grow, I dug Tim's Famous Cow Manure into the soil, with a dressing of Tim's FAST FOOD Fertiliser.

I also added a handful of Garden Lime per m2. This sweetens the soil, and makes the nutrients become available to the plants.

Then I mulched with Sugar Cane, watered the garden, and let it rest for a week.

I simply poke a hole through the Sugarcane mulch to plant my seedlings. A sprinkle of Multiguard Snail and Slug pellets, stops the seedlings getting eaten. Tomatoes need daily watering, especially if they are growing in pots.

I came across this old terracotta pot, in the city.
It was on the street, between two garage doors. It made me smile.

It made me smile because someone took the time to do this, in a busy world. They have planted Petunias and Marigolds.

They have used good potting mix, and they have mulched with Sugar cane. We often forget to use mulches in pots, but they make a huge difference. When you shade the soil, less water evaporates, and your plants grow better.

If you have an old pot, that's sitting empty, fill it with Tim's Best Potting mix and plant flowers. The flowers will cost you $14.00 for 4 plants. They will make you smile all spring and summer.
That's what flowers do!

Your garden needs a giant Bromeliad. Maybe even two? These amazing plants add art to your garden. They are cheaper than a water feature, and even more beautiful that a statue.

If you need a specimen plant, to make your small garden pop, well here it is. "Divine Plum" Alcantarea imperialis, thrives in gardens, or pots, in sun or semi shade. They can grow 1.2ms high by 1.2ms wide.

Every modern garden needs one.
We have some beauties here at the nursery for just $39.99. They will look like these beauties in 12 months.

Use our famous Tim's Best Potting mix to make them reach their full potential.

The more sun they get, the redder they turn. They really are beautiful. Look how great they look, with the trimmed Buxus hedge.

May Bush is one of those hardy shrubs that really celebrate spring. You'll see them in gardens all around Macarthur. The weeping branches will be covered in these white flowers. You will hear the bees buzzing.

It comes in single white and double flowering forms. The double flowering variety is more spectacular. We have it here at our nursery.

It's a fast growing hardy shrub to about 2 metres high. It can be pruned to any size. It looks great trimmed into a round ball.

The double flowering variety is called Spirea lanceata. It's here now covered in flowers, come see. We have them from $17.99.

Summer is coming early. Get your sprinklers out, and start watering your gardens. You'll be seeing brown patches starting to appear in lawns.
We are applying Wettasoil to our gardens. It removes the oily barrier to allow soils and potting mixes to accept water again. They really work.
Apply Wettasoil to your potted plants too.
It will help save your plants if it stays dry.
It will also make your soils hold more water next time it rains.

Mulch all your gardens now. Mulch shades the soil from the hot sun and helps prevent water loss by evaporation. Mulched also break down to add Organics to your soil. Organics hold the water and encourage worms to come and live in your garden.

Our Potted Rose Bushes are all covered in flowers. They look spectacular. We really do have the best Rose Bushes in NSW. Bring your noses, to sniff out the most fragrant varieties.
Its the best time to buy Roses, we have over 1,000 to chose from. Our 25% off Rose bushes sale, is finishing soon.
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Happy Gardening