It’s The First Day Of Spring!!!! - Sep 01, 2023

Dear gardening friends
It's the first day of spring. Yes we made it through winter, and now it's time to garden. In the next couple of months you'll find yourself out in the garden. You won't even know why you're there.

You'll be pulling out weeds, you'll hear birds.
You'll notice shrubs are flowering, your lawn will be turning green. You'll find yourself gardening.

I love this photo. The family was walking to the station in Sydney, and we came across a flowering Jasmine. "That's Chinese Star Jasmine" offered Dan. "No mate, that's Japanese Jasmine". Was my reply. The boys stopped to smell the fragrance. How nice is that?

Gardens are amazing things, and you don't need a lot of room to do it. You can have no room at all, but you can still grow a vine, that will delight you, with its sweet fragrance.
Enjoy your spring.

The best tasting Tomato is this one. Tim's Italian Tomato has huge pear shaped fruit.

I discovered this variety while holidaying in Italy, about 15 years ago. It was as sweet as Watermelon, I'd never eaten a Tomato that tasted so good.

It's an heirloom variety, so it's super easy to grow. The pear shaped fruit, have fewer seeds, and that's why they taste so good.

Grow it in a big pot using Tim's Best Potting mix. Or grow it in your vegetable garden. You will need a 1.8m stake or 3 to support the foliage. Water it every day.

This variety will produce mountains of fruit right through summer. Pick them as they change colour, and ripen inside on the window sill to avoid fruit fly.

We have beautiful plants for $4.99. We have all your favourite varieties, but you need at least one of these. The fruit are so sweet, they taste like fruit!!!!!! When was the last time you ate a Tomato and it actually tasted sweet? That's why you have to grow Tomatoes.

I spotted this beautiful garden in Castle Hill today. My parents live just around the corner, I remember seeing lots of beautiful gardens like this, as I walked home from school.

Many of those gardens, now look over grown, and unloved, as the gardeners have grown too old, to garden.

But this garden really looked amazing, with its clipped hedges, and classic style. The Chinese Star Jasmine across the patio, must smell amazing when it bursts into bloom.

The lighter green, lower hedge, is Japanese Box, while the darker green hedges are Rhaphiolepis "Snow Maiden". This hardy smaller growing shrub, is quickly replacing Buxus, because it also gets white flowers, that have fragrance.

The purple leaf shrub surrounded by hedges, is Loropetalum "Plum Gorgeous". It's such a hardy shrub, and the purple foliage adds colour in a green garden. It also has cerise coloured flowers in spring and autumn. It's a winner.

I love green gardens, with a splash of colour. The Jacaranda must look amazing when it blooms in November.

The lawn was crying out for Tim's Rapid Results Lawn Food. It would turn the lawn bright green in just 14 days with a shower of rain. It would be picture perfect.

Before dogs had to be kept behind fences, a giant male Golden Retriever lived in the house next door. It would come down to our house, and bark outside our front door, and demand to be let in. It would lie down in front of our wood fired heater and snore. My father is a dog whisperer.

When we lived in Rydalmere another dog fell in love with my father. It was a slobbering Boxer and everyday it bought my dad women's under wear, shoes and loaves of bread.

It's big, it's black, Tim's Passionfruit is back!!!!
This amazing Passionfruit vine produces large sweet fruit by the hundreds and it won't sucker like grafted varieties.

Tim's Big Black Passionfruit will cover your ugly fence, with lush green foliage, all year.

For best results plant your Passionfruit on a mound of Tim's Best Potting mix. This will give your vine drainage and help it grow so much faster.

It will fruit during the warmer months, but sometimes it will fruit in the middle of winter. Passionfruit vines decide when they want to fruit.

We have a limited supply of this amazing fruiting variety, so you better zoom zoom.
Plants cost $9.99.

I repotted my Fiddle Leaf Fig yesterday. That's an indoor plant with giant green leaves. It was starting to get tired looking, so I pruned it back to a frame, then carried it outside.

I used a pruning saw to cut the roots away from the edge of the pot. It's impossible to get the root ball out of the pot without surgery.

I did this work on the lawn so there's less chance I'll break the ceramic pot.

Once I got the plant out of the pot I used the saw to prune 25% of roots, right off the bottom. Then I removed 25% of the side roots too. It's amazing how rooty the plant is.

There's very little potting mix left in the pot, and that's why the plant goes into decline.
The potting mix holds the water, no potting mix means no water holding capacity.

After root pruning, the plant goes back in the same pot, using Tim's Best Potting mix.
We carried it back inside and gave it a good watering.

This plant will respond with fresh new spring green growth. The leaves will grow enormous.
It will grow back as big as it was within 12 months. My house has lots of light.
Plants need light to thrive.

It's time for you to repot all your indoor and outdoor plants too. Come for a drive to get our Tim's Best Potting mix. It's the best, and your plants will love it.

Happy gardening