Flowers Make You Happy! - Aug 25, 2023

Dear gardening friends

We have an amazing selection of Native plants. Our friend Sarah, grows them on her farm in Tenterfield. Have you ever been to Tenterfield???

It's freezing cold in winter, and boiling hot in summer, so the plants Sarah grows, have to be almost death proof.

We have over 100 varieties, with collector plants, like Emu bushes. Yes, you need an Emu bush in your garden, or people will start to talk about you. "They don't even have an Emu Bush", will be whispered around the Retirement Village. If you're not in a Retirement Village, then it's only a matter of time.

You could landscape your entire garden, for less than $200, if you choose to plant these. You'll be amazed how fast native tubes grow. They have never been pot bound, so they just grow grow grow!!!!

Come check them out. We've just had 500 new plants delivered. It's native plant lovers heaven.
Native Tubes cost $6.99 or buy 4 for $24.00. Sarah works so hard, keeping these plants alive in Tenterfield. She'll be wearing a Beanie right now.

Our potted Rose bushes are looking spectacular and they are all getting ready to start flowering.
Our 25% off the marked price sale finishes this Sunday, at 4pm, so if you've been thinking about buying Rose bushes, you better zoom zoom.

We have 1500 potted Rose bushes and all your favourite varieties are still here. But as soon as they start to flower, we sell over 150 plants every week. The best varieties get sold out first. So if you're a Rose Lover, come and see us this weekend. You'll save $10.00 off, every Rose bush you purchase. Sale finishes Sunday.
Zoom zoom.

These guys are back in flower and looking spectacular. African Daisies or Osteospermum are super hardy smaller growing shrubs. They flower like this, through spring, early summer and then again, in autumn.

They flower non stop for at least 6 months of the year, and they are drought tolerant, once established.

They grow about 45cms high, by 60cms wide. They make your garden look happy.
They grow in pots too. Use our Tim's Best Potting mix for best results.

We have all your favourite colours here.
But start with this beautiful variety, called "Purple Sun". Big plants, covered in flowers, are just $17.99.

Did you know you can grow Bougainvillea's in pots? I discovered this beauty, growing in a pot, in Ingleburn. It was covered in red flowers, and it looked absolutely amazing.

This is a great way to contain a Bougainvillea, and to keep it to a sensible size. This is not a dwarf Bougainvillea, it's just been pruned to this shape.

We have just unloaded a trolley of these amazing climbing plants. We've got all your favourite colours. It's the best selection of colours we've ever had. They cost $29.99, they will sell out fast.

Wow I'm that excited, I just found a giant jar of Anchovies, at Henry's Harvest, in Campbelltown Mall.

It's the 560gram whopper!!!!
It should last me at least a week.
But that's only, if I don't have them on my Ice cream.

I'm amazed how Anchovies, can divide the nation. You either love them, or hate them. There's no in between. But have you tried them in your cooking??? The answer is almost always no, with you chucking a face, like you've just eaten an Anchovy.

I don't eat them out of the jar, they aren't Olives, but they do make amazing natural stock cubes.

They don't make what your cooking taste fishy, you won't even taste them, but your food will have more salty flavour.

They go great in Spaghetti sauces, Casseroles and Soups. I put them in Pumpkin soup once, when a Vegan friend came for dinner. I had no idea Vegans didn't eat Anchovies.

She was telling me how delicious it was, until I told her the secret ingredient. After that, she was having palpitations.

I've heard recently, she's no longer Vegan, the love of the little fish, was just too strong!!!!!
What a happy ending.

I drove up Underwood Cct in Harrington Park. The Manchurian Pear trees, have burst into bloom, with the warmer weather.

This is an exclusive suburb, made even more exclusive, with these beautiful street trees.
Yes street trees make your house more valuable.

The trees planted here are the original variety, called Pyrus ussuriensis. They commonly called, Ornamental Pear trees.

This variety grows into a beautiful cloud shape. It's the perfect shade tree, because it grows as wide, as it grows high. 8ms x 8ms would be it's mature size, in most soil conditions.

They truely look spectacular with the white spring blossom. It's just so classy looking, when it's planted as a street tree like this.

Drive up Underwood Cct in the next couple of weeks, if you're a spring blossom lover, It's pretty amazing.

We are in full swing here at Tim's Garden Centre. Spring has started early this year. We have the full selection of spring flower and vegetable seedlings now. We have the best potting mix and the best Cow manure, so come and see us this weekend.

Im so sorry about the few mistakes made recently in our newsletter. Mailchimp deleted the app, that made writing this newsletter so easy. I'm an old dog, so it's taken a while to get used to the new template. Hayden has been a huge help.
He's so cleaver, and I wouldn't survive without his help every week.

Happy gardening