Dunk Your Pots, Before Planting! - Aug 18, 2023

Dear Gardening Friends,
Please don't judge me. But I've been dreaming about hot chips and gravy all week. It's been cold, and cloudy, and the fragrance from Kings Charcoal Chicken shop has been wafting up Queen Street like a dream.

Well I gave in to my cravings.
I went for the Seniors Roast, Hot chips and gravy. But to make myself feel better, I got the Litsa to put a dash of Tabouli in the bottom.

It was a miraculous taste sensation.
Yes I still got the gravy. The chips on the bottom, had a lovely lemony flavour.

But you have to eat it fast, before the chips go soggy. You open the box, and just start eating heads down. You don't want conversation.

Litsa and Niki were telling me that Kate Ritchie gave us both a lovely plug on Nova breakfast radio during the week.

She was telling Fitzy and Whippa what a great place Campbeltown is and to make sure you go to Tim's Garden Centre, then get lunch at Kings Charcoal Chicken. Wasn't that sweet of Kate to talk about us. It's not a bad idea to visit us both over the weekend.

Its looking like it might be hot and dry this spring so how do you help make your plants survive?
Have you noticed that Lavender plants are extremely hard to get started and how they often die?

Lavender plants have a vigorous root system so they are nearly always pot bound when you buy them. The pot is full of roots so there's less potting mix to hold the water. They dry out so quickly they often drop dead within the first week.

So what should you do to make your plants grow? Dunk them in a bucket full of water before you plant them. You will notice that your Lavender plant actually floats for several minutes before it sinks. Bubbles will rise up from the potting mix as the air is replaced by water. Now you can plant your shrub in the garden. Water at least twice weekly and your plants will grow.

It's simple, more water means more chance of survival. Dunk all your plants before planting.
I dunk my seedling punnets before planting too.

We've had a shared birthday here at Tim's.
It was Karyn and Dean's birthday on Monday.
We are shared the cake.
Dean didn't seem to mind.
He and Karyn are story telling buddies, from way back.

Dean had a second piece.
He thinks it's delicious.
He wanted to know if I liked it too?
We sang Happy Birthday.
It was loud, and just a little bit crazy.

Dean had a third piece.
They are getting smaller.
Dean wanted to know if Kieran wanted another piece too?

He's very caring, he's thanked me.
He's enjoyed his birthday.
This just might have been, his story of the day.
I hope so.

Dean came in yesterday and I gave him another piece of Cheese Cake. He loves it so much, it makes me smile.

"Clivia Man" has just arrived, in his battered old Toyota Hiace Van. He's a horticulturist, and a gardener, but he has a love for Clivia, that can't be matched.

He loves them so much, he breeds them. When I ask him how he does this, he talks in a whisper. I'm asking him to divulge his secrets.

He has mother plants that have been specifically kept because they grow the biggest flowers, with the brightest colours and the best foliage.

He uses his hands to convey how big their flowers get. His eyes have glazed over. It's trance like.

He hand pollinates their flowers, to produce the seeds. It's a long process, but his plants are superior, because of this selection process. They take years to get this size.

Every year we negotiate how many he's going to give us. They are like his children.

We've managed to get a bench full.
We've got the Belgium Orange and the Cream/yellow.

Clivia grow happily in those shady spots in your garden. They will grow where they get morning sun too. They are perfect for those shady narrow gardens, between houses. Once you have them, they multiply, they keep on giving.

They flower in winter/spring.
They can be grown in pots too.
They love our Tim's Best Potting Mix. It makes them reach their full potential. The leaves with grow lush green and tropical. The orange flowers will look spectacular.

Belgium Hybrids from $19.99.
Yellows from $27.99
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