Who Grew The Biggest Broccoli? - Jul 28, 2023

Dear gardening friends

Pat Clarke drove all the way from Helensburgh yesterday. "Hello Tim" she said. Pat feels like she knows me, "I follow you on Facebook, I don't know how I found your page, it just came up, I read your stories every day. I got lost coming here."

Pat told me that she used to have a big garden, but when her husband died, she downsized into a Villa. She still loves gardening.

She bought some potted colour and a Daphne yesterday. She bought Tim's Best Potting mix too.

We've noticed a big increase in our potting mix sales ever since we did the Potting Mix trial. We had no idea the potting mixes being sold were so poor. Tim's Best Potting Mix really is the best, by a long way.

Pat bought a Tim's Red Scarf, "I don't usually wear anything red" she told me. But I told her it would look fabulous with her blue jumper, and it did. "Just let me put my sunglasses on, if you're going to take my photo, it makes me look better."

Pat usually shops at Sunrise Nursery in Helensburgh. They have a great cafe. If your down that way check them out. They often post photos of the food, and it looks amazing.

There's been a serious competition here at Tim's GC. Hayden and I had a competition to see who could grow the biggest Broccoli. We are both very competitive, Hayden's Broccoli grew quicker, he picked his four weeks ago, and it was huge.

I was hoping that mine would grow slower and bigger. I spent so much money on my garden to make the soil better. I dug Tim's Cow manure, Tim's Chicken manure and Tims FASTFOOD.

I secretly put Rock Dust in the soil.
I even used POPUL8, and I'm not even sure you can use that on things you eat!!!!!!

Two weeks ago I was getting so desperate I added Bio Guano. That's liquid Seabird poo!!!!!
My garden was glowing, you can see it from the moon apparently.

I've never seen bigger worms.
Yes it's a Giant Worm competition next year.

Well i picked my Broccoli today. I know it's not as big as Hayden's. He's being nice and saying things like "you did get more Broccoli. Mine was just bigger."

None of the staff are willing to be drawn in to be judges. Hayden's Broccoli is long gone. It was so hard and woody, I think he put it in the compost bin. It was like a fossil.

Mine is fresh and succulent.
I'll be making a broccoli stir fry.
Dan will be spewing.
I might even make soup!!!!!

I'm happy for Hayden, I really am.
He's a natural gardener. He has green fingers and green toes.
He's green.
I'm green too, but with envy.

it feels like spring, but it's still winter.
If you got to the big green shed you'll probably find Tomato seedlings for sale now. It's way to cold to plant spring seedlings. We don't have them yet. We won't get them in till we think it's safe to plant them. The frost kills them.

Prepare your garden beds now. Dig in Tim's Cow manure and Chicken manure. Dress with Tim's Fast Food. Cover with fresh Sugarcane, water well, and let it rest for several weeks.

The slow cooked spaghetti sauce I made last night was a triumph. I put the Pork mince and Chorizo sausage into the Slow cooker 2 hours before serving. I put the temperature up to high.
It was so delicious.

Here's the recipe if you missed it. Yes i served it with Penne and Parmesan cheese.

What's in the sauce?
I've added 2x sticks of Celery, 2x Carrots, 1x Onion, 1x Eggplant, 3x Anchovies, Cappers, Black olives, 4x Cans of Tomatoes, Bay leaves, Rosemary, Clove of Garlic, 1x can of water. Lots of cracked pepper.

Food is so much cheaper and better for you, when you cook it yourself. Use the money you save to buy plants. Wink.

I cooked it on low. I'd cook it on high next time. There's a lot of volume here. It will feed 8 people. Lots of lunches for Dan and Bailey.

Cymbidium Orchids have arrived.
They look amazing. You can put them inside your house while they are in flower. We've found a new grower who has the most beautiful colours.
Once they finish flowering put them outside where they get morning sun then shade.
It will flower again next year.
We have 20 to choose from.
Zoom zoom.

Its time to spray your lawn for Clover and Bindi.
You must spray now before Bindii sets seeds, or it will be too late. We have the best products.
Don't mow your lawn before spraying. The grass has to be long. Clover needs to be sprayed twice.
It's harder to kill.

Our nursery is looking fabulous. We have so much stock. We are getting ready for spring.
come for a walk.
Happy gardening