Do You Like Eating Grapes??? - Jul 21, 2023

Dear gardening friends
Wow, I just got a nice surprise, when I looked up and saw Kate Ritchie. She used to come here often with her mum, when she was on Home and Away.

Kate's mother Heather, is still a regular shopper here, and I gave her a Tim's Red Scarf, to give to Kate, a couple of weeks ago.

So I really started smiling when I looked out from the lunchroom, and there was Kate.

I've been listening to Kate with Fitzy and Wippa, on Nova's Breakfast. She always gives very sensible advice to those boys. I'm a bit of a fan.

Her mother always comes in beautifully dressed, she had a nice jumper on today. Kate has just started following us on Facebook. She bought a Rosemary plant today. She might be making Rosemary Lemon Chicken tonight?

She did tell me that she's a good cook. She was so nice to talk too. Kate did look great in the Tim's Red Scarf.

This made me smile recently.
My son Dan and I grew this tree from a seed, and we planted it in the Woolies carpark in Camden. It's an Illawarra Flame tree and it's growing into the most beautiful shape.

Dan was shopping with me last week and I showed him how well our tree was growing "Wow" he said.

You know I met a lady the other day who said she had never planted a tree. She was at least 60 years old. "I've planted lots of shrubs, but I've never planted a tree."
Isn't that amazing.

I think there's probably lots of people who have never planted a tree. There's something special about growing a tree, it's even more amazing if you grew it yourself, from a seed.

We are giving seeds away at our counter, if you'd like to grow a tree. You could plant it somewhere that you visit often, so you can watch it grow.
It's a magical experience.
Trees make you feel good.

In the next few weeks, you'll see this Orange Trumpet vine bursting into bloom, on fences around Macarthur.

In tropical parts of Australia it can become a weed, but it's not a weed in cooler climates like ours. This vigorous vine can cover the colourbond fence in just a few years.

It has these bright orange trumpet like flowers through late winter and early spring. The orange flowers really pop against the lush green foliage.

The secret is to prune them, so they don't grow over your house. We have nice plants here ready to grow. One per fence should be enough.
Its botanically known as Pyrostegia venusta.
But Orange Trumpet Vine is easier to remember.

Our new season Grape Vines have arrived. We've got all those fabulous seedless varieties that you see in Woolies. So now you can grow them yourself.

These fast growing deciduous vines can be used to shade your patio in summer. It will be so cool.

One vine can cover your ugly fence. Just put up some wire for support. They grow so fast it best to buy them in winter while they are asleep.

Buy one in spring and it just might strangle you on the way home. Never turn your back on a Grape vine, never!!!!

Grow your Grape vine on a mound of improved soil so it has good drainage. Dig a bag of Tim's Best Potting mix into your soil and watch your vine take off.

These Grape vines are cutting grown so they will fruit in the next 18 months. You can also eat the leaves and make your own Dolmades. I can give you the recipe. It's pretty amazing.
Yes it has Anchovies!

Potted Grape vines cost $39.99.
Zoom zoom.
They always sell out fast!!!

We have beautiful flowering Lavender plants in pink, purple and white. They are all covered in flowers right now. They look spectacular.
We get these from a nursery in South Australia.
They are in bigger pots than usual and we've discovered this makes them grow better.
They cost $18.99. They'd make a spectacular flowering gift. We will wrap them for free!!!

We have Daphne plants flowering now in the shade house. Bring your nose down for an excursion. Once it sniffs a Daphne plant it will be in heaven. We have them from just $29.99.
They grow best in a pot or garden where they get morning sun and then shade.

If your growing yours in a pot use Tim's Best Potting Mix. It's what we use here and they grow beautifully.

We have beautiful Blueberry plants that are covered in flowers now so you'll be eating home grown Blueberries in late spring. Blueberries grow better in pots, than they do in the ground.
They are easy to grow. No bugs to worry about.
Just plant, water, and enjoy the fruit.
The kids will love eating them.
They are so much sweeter.
Yes use Tim's Best Potting Mix.

Our nursery is looking fabulous. We are getting ready for spring. We've potted 2,000 Roses, 400 Fruit and Spring Blossom trees. We've got Grape vines and Guavas. We've got everything!!!!

The weather has been beautiful. Come for a walk.
Bring your dog if it's friendly.
See you soon.
Happy gardening