A Tims red scarf Will Keep You Warm - Jun 30, 2023

Dear gardening friends

Smokie works next door at Xtreme Car Sales. He smokes at least 20 cigarettes a day, so I see a lot of him.

He's usually standing under a cloud of smoke. That's why I've nicknamed him "Smokie". He's interesting to talk too. He's moved to Australia four times. He's English, so you never know if he's really staying this time?

I found out recently, he takes selling cars very seriously. I yell out often "How's it going Smokie, are you selling any cars today, don't those trees look beautiful, you must love those autumn leaves?"

Unfortunately, I've got a very loud high pitched voice, and I sound drunk.

The other day I was screaming out "Hey Smokie, are you in today? Hey Smokkkkkkkkkiiiiiee."

He eventually came out, he wasn't happy.

He'd been on the phone, trying to sell a car.

They sell their cars to people all around Australia now, because of Gumtree, and Carsales. It's not just locals anymore.

I could see him standing out in the cold this morning, in a cloud of smoke, so I called him over. "I've got a present for you Smokie".
I gave him a Tim's Red Scarf.

He took it hesitantly, he's not a natural scarf wearer, he has a certain dress style, he wasn't enthusiastic, let's say. But the deal was, if he took it, he had to wear it.

Well he hasn't taken it off all day, and I can tell it's changed his life for the better. He's offered to pay me $5.00 too. He wants the money to go to our charity, The African AIDS Foundation.

I think it's a great photo of Smokie
He looks good in red.
So will you, come and get one! 

It's got the most insignificant flowers, but these flowers have the most amazing perfume. They smell like ripe Apricots.

It's botanically known as Osmanthus fragrans, and it's one of the most popular fragrant shrubs in the world.

It's easy to grow, and it takes the frost and the cold. It can grow in full sun, or part shade. It can be pruned to any height.

We've got a mature shrub, here in our garden, that we prune to just 2 metres high.

You should smell the fragrance, wafting from it now.

The good news is we've got beautiful plants in stock, and in flower now, for just $17.99. You need one in your garden.

Your nose will be happy.

You could grow it in a big pot too. Use our Tim's Best Potting mix.

It's winter, it's cold, but you still need flowers in your life to make you smile.

Johnny Jump Up Violas will make you smile. They are so easy to grow, and once you plant them they will pop up every autumn to make you smile again. 

They can be grown in your garden or in pots and hanging baskets. They have these beautiful purple and yellow flowers through winter and spring. They are so easy to grow. You can buy 4 plants $14.00.

Get a few and plant them in any bare patches. They love this cold weather.

They are fun to grow.

We've got hundreds of them.
Zoom zoom.

I made the most amazing Pork and Potato salad last night. It was so easy to make, and so tasty too. 

I had a shortage of Pork Belly so I cut up potatoes to fry at the same time. I picked fresh Rosemary out of the garden and sprinkled it over the cooking meat and potatoes.

I fried them in Olive oil. With lots of pepper and salt.

While this was cooking I made a fast salad of Cos lettuce, tomatoes, Olives, Pine nuts, Fetta cheese and Avocado. Dressed it with Coles Lemon Vinaigrette with a dash of balsamic.

Mix the dressing thru with your hands!!!!!

The boys loved it. Bailey added Grandmas homemade Beetroot.

So simple and so delicious. if you don't like pork use chicken or lamb.

I gave the Anchovies the night off.

They watched telly.

I'm giving you these recipes to help you save money. Times are tough.

Hopefully the money I save you will help you do some gardening.

We are here to help you.

Happy gardening