100 Christmas trees coming tomorrow - Dec 09, 2022

Dahlias are coming back!!!!

Dear gardening friends

We have 100 Fresh Cut Christmas trees coming tomorrow morning to Tim's Garden Centre. Our trees are grown in The Southern Highlands, and that's why they always look so fresh. Trees cost $79.99.
Most are as tall as me.

We have Christmas Tree stands to support your tree safely. We are open at 8.30am.

Bring an old sheet to wrap your tree in.
It will keep your car clean.

Our Fresh Cut Christmas Trees make your house smell like Christmas. This will bring back memories for you. If you already have a tree tell your friends. Trees are in short supply this year.

If we sell out on Saturday, we have more trees coming on Sunday.

A big thanks to Steven Matas from Kirkham. He and his wife Carmen bought our Grafted White Jacaranda Tree on EBay, and helped us raise $325.00 for Beyondblue.
(Photo Kieran and Steven)

They are keen gardeners, and they have always wanted the rare white flowering form.

You don't find it in nurseries, we grafted the plant here at Tim's, and realised it was just too special to give away. So we put it up for auction.

Steven runs a successful tele marketing business called the BMS Group, and he was so happy to help support Beyondblue.

Thank you to everyone who bid.
We appreciate your help.
All of the money raised has been donated to Beyondblue.

New Dahlias are arriving.
These fabulous old world plants flower through summer. They make fabulous potted gifts, and they are so cheap.

These new varieties have more flowers, stay more compact and they have amazing foliage too.

They are a flowering bulb, so in winter, they go dormant and disappear under ground. In spring they come back to flower again.

Dahlias have become collector plants. We have 5 colours here today with more arriving soon.
Plants from $17.99.
Free gift wrapping included.

We've potted up some of our Dahlias into 200mm pots using Tim's Best Potting Mix.
It's amazing what a difference it makes.
These plants have already sprouted fresh new growth and the leaves have turned bright green.

If you follow me on Facebook, I misled you last week when I said Campbelltown Council were responsible for planting trees in the Eschol Park Sporting Complex.

Many of you commented that trees were getting planted in Parks where you live too.

It's actually the NSW Government planting the trees, and it's part of their Greening Greater Sydney program.

They have just completed planting one million trees in Greater Sydney. They have set a goal to plant 5 million trees by 2030.

200,000 trees were planted by Councils and the community. 70,000 trees were planted by residents, who could access the free trees through Bunnings. It's a shame retail nurseries weren't involved.

Councils can also access grants to allow them to plant more trees next year. This is a great opportunity to get more trees planted in parks, and open spaces, around Macarthur for free.

I am very passionate about greening Macarthur and greening the world, so I get excited when I see trees getting planted.

I'd love the NSW Government get involved more with councils, to get the laws changed re street trees.

It's crazy to think a homeowner can't plant a tree on their own nature strip. This is stopping millions of trees from being planted. Councils can't keep up with the demand, they need our help.

If you're looking for a shade tree, Crepe Myrtles are starting to flower now.
They will flower non stop right through summer and into autumn. We have all your favourite colours, including The Diamonds In The Dark Series, which have almost black foliage.

We have lots of Christmas Gift ideas.
Easy parking, free gift wrapping.
Come see.

Happy gardening