Trees can make you money!!! - Nov 18, 2022

Got to love Mauvember!!!

Dear gardening friends.

It's the best time of year to visit Camden. I've just walked a few streets admiring the Jacaranda trees.

You think you've found a nice one, and then you look up the street, and there's a better one.

I'm not sure why there's so many Jacaranda trees growing here.They seem to love this climate. Perhaps that's why, there's so many.

I heard a tourist bus turned up last year, and they all got out, and took photos. Are we missing out on the power of these trees? Could Camden become a tourist town?

It could be Jacaranda Month in Camden? Should we be planting more?

They make great shade trees.
They are easy to grow.
You can usually find a seedling popping up in the mulch, near a tree that's thriving.

(This upsets some people, they think Jacarandas are weeds.)

Weeds keep the world cooler.
Without weeds we are doomed.

Lift out your seedling, and plant it in a pot, for a month or two, using Tim's Best Potting Mix. If you can't be bothered, we have trees for $10.00. We have bigger ones too.

I love Mauvember.
Take a walk around Camden and you will love it too. I seriously think Camden is missing out. Camden could be famous.

Frangipanis have arrived!!!!!!
We have over 30 varieties, including this fabulous Red flowering beauty called "Black Jack". Yes he sounds like a pirate.

We also have the rare "Darwin Blues".
If you love Frangipanis you better come visit.

We have plants from $24.99.
The rarer varieties like Black Jack and Darwin Blues are $29.99.

Grow them in pots if you don't own a garden. Use our Famous Tim's Best Potting Mix. Grow 2 or 3 in the one pot and make a fragrant rainbow tree.

Chinese Star Jasmine looking fabulous growing outside Campbelltown Casio, alias The Catholic Club.

The fragrance was amazing.
I walked around it, I admired the lush green healthy foliage. It can be used as a ground cover or a climber.

It's so easy to grow, and it will even survive heavy frost.

It's so hardy, Councils can plant it in round a bouts, and once established, it will survive on rainwater only.

It grows in sun or shade.
It can be pruned like a hedge.

You can cover your ugly colourbond fence with greenery and fragrance.

It's worth a gamble.
We have them from $6.99 in tubes.
140mm pots$17.99.
Zoom zoom.

Dan loved his Pizza so much last night, he decided to take a photo of the Chef. I'm not just a Slow Cooker, or a one pot wonder. I'm multi talented. I can cook Pizzas.

It's so simple I'm sharing the recipe. You'll need Lebanese bread. Yes the Lebanese aren't just famous for their Cucumbers, they make bread too!!!!!

Coat your Lebanese bread with Woolies home brand Tomato paste. It's incredibly tasty. Paint it on thick with a spoon.

Over the top of this I add Salami, Cabanossi, Mushrooms, Capsicum, Onion, Anchovies (Optional), Olives, Mozzarella Cheese, (not too much, it's just a dusting, it's not a cheese Pizza).

Everything is cut thinly, that's the secret. That's how you get kids to eat mushrooms.

This is a light Pizza. It could blow away in the wind. Grill bake for 10 minutes. Cook it on the shelf. No pizza tray needed. Yes.

This is spectacular cooked fresh.
It's even better the next day eaten cold. Yes cold, have you been to Italy??? They eat Pizza cold over there too, you buy it by the slice.
It's amazing!!!

Get cooking.

New Rose bushes have just arrived from Melbourne. Roses just grow so beautifully in their climate. You won't believe how fabulous these potted Roses look.
Bring your nose to sniff test them.
It's a great time to plant them.

Hydrangeas are flowering now.
We have huge plants covered in flowers.
Grow them in pots or gardens.
Or give them away as gifts.
They cost $34.99 so they are so cheap.
You won't find plants this big in the hardware stores and they don't gift wrap.
We do.

Time to get your garden looking fabulous for Christmas. Come and see us.

Fresh cut Christmas trees coming first weekend in December. We've had lots of phone calls.

Happy gardening