$10.00 Flash sale on now!!! - Nov 05, 2022

Help us help a friend.

Dear gardening friends.
Our "$10.00 Flash Sale" has started today!!!
We are selling spectacular flowering shrubs for just $10.00 each. We have around 20 varieties all covered in flowers, and looking fabulous. We have over 800 plants reduced from $17.99, down to just $10.00.
Zoom zoom.

I was looking at a friend's Instagram page and he was showing photos of his nursery.
His growing tables were full of plants and I was thinking, these benches should be empty, it's spring.

So I rang him up and said "mate let us help you sell these plants. I'm sure our customers would love to buy them."
So we bought 800 plants, and they have all been reduced to $10.00. They are on the big table, on your way to the seedlings.
You won't miss them.

These are premium shrubs and they are all covered in flowers, and look fabulous. Some of the varieties include Osteospermum, Daisy's, Geraniums, Fuchsias, Lavenders, Calibrachoa, Perennial Petunias and Genista to name but a few. They will have your garden looking fabulous for Christmas. But once they are gone, they are gone!

Dean's just called in, for his almost daily visit. He's been walking past our nursery for 30 years. We've watched each other grow old.

Dean always has a story of the day.
He's a deep thinker. He tells you his story, then he asks you what you think about it. He listens very carefully.

I thought I was special, I thought Dean only told me, his story of the day, but then I found him standing on Queen Street telling his story to someone else.

But I laughed to myself.
He wants to hear what everyone thinks about his story of the day.

He's eating Cheesecake with us now.
It's a staff member's birthday today.
He's loving the cake.
He wants to know if I made it?
No mate. It would have Anchovies in it if I made it.

He's watching all the birds as I'm talking to him. "It's a beautiful day" he tells me. We love Dean.

I asked him if I could take his photo.
"Yes that will be alright".
I showed him his photo.
"That's shocking", he was horrified.
He made me take it again.
"Yes that's alright".

He tells me more stories.
He wants to know everything.
He wants to know where the birds came from.

I did a delivery to Dean's place recently. His unit it absolutely amazing. It's an Aladdin's cave of things he's collected, all beautifully arranged. He let me take his photo. I wanted to show the staff, just how special this guy is.

You never know people really.
You can talk to them for 30 years, and then they'll surprise you.
He made my day today.
He loved the cake.

Hayden's Snail Vines are back!!!!
This amazing fast growing climbing plant has highly perfumed flowers that look like snails.

It grows in full sun or semi sun. It grows wild so best to prune it back every winter.

Snail vines have become collectors plants and they are so hard to find in nurseries.
Hayden grows them here.
They are $9.95.
That's a bargain.

A few years ago we ran a trail here to see which brand of Native Potting Mix we would stock. We grew native tubes in all the bags we trialled, and chose the brand, that had the best results.

Greenlife Native Potting Mix won the competition and we've been stocking it ever since.

We know it's still amazing because we use it here in the nursery, when we pot up native plants.

We recently potted up Waratahs and the results have been amazing. They are sprouting fresh new growth like crazy.

Here at Tim's we don't want the cheapest products, we want the best products. We are gardeners just like you. We want our plants to grow.

Greenlife Native Potting Mix has added fertilisers which native plants love. Some people mistakenly think that native plants, don't like fertiliser.

We use this potting mix for Grevilleas, Proteas, Waratahs, Bottlebrush and Banksias etc.
It's makes them thrive.

You still have time to make your garden look great for Christmas, come and see us.
Grab some specials, and make your garden smile again. If you're growing these in pots use our Tim's Best Potting Mix.
Happy gardening