The Queen Lavender has arrived!! - Sep 16, 2022

Maybe you're not a brown thumb?

Dear gardening friends

A new batch of The Queen Lavender's have just arrived. The Queen loved wearing Lavender. This variety was released to celebrate her life.

It has huge Lavender flowers!!!!
We've been knocked over by customers, wanting to honour the Queen by planting her Lavender in their garden. It loves good soil with great drainage, in a sunny position.

Lavenders can also be grown in big pots. They do need to be watered often, when grown in pots. Use our Tim's Best Potting mix for great results.

We've never seen better grown plants. I'm sure The Queen would approve. They are huge, and covered in flowers.
$17.99 This week.
We are expecting the price to rise.

Check out our Potting mix trial.
Lettuce seedlings planted on the same day.
I still get people telling me "I can buy potting mix cheaper than yours."
Yes you can.
I reply with a smile.

If you've grown plants in pots and they have failed to perform, it might not be your fault. Our Potting mix trials have shocked us.

Many potting mixes being sold every day are actually toxic. The seedlings simply turn purple and don't grow any leaves at all.
You might not be a brown thumb after all, you've just bought the wrong potting mix.

Our trials always prove that Tim's Best Potting Mix is the best. It's only $12.00 for a 30 litre bag. That's 20% bigger than the bags they sell in Bunnings and our mix gives premium results. It's worth the drive.
We only sell the best!

We have a new African Daisy called Osteospermum Serenity "Rose Magic."
This peach coloured Daisy might be more suited to your garden than the usual, hot colours that we stock. It flowers for 6 months or more, and it can be grown in pots or gardens. You will love the peach coloured flowers. It's a winner.

We have a super hardy shrub here called Raphiolepis "Oriental Pearl". It gets covered in sweet smelling white flowers through spring.

These hardy shrubs grow into this perfect shape without any pruning. They are almost deathproof. They thrive in full or semi sun.

This is my garden.
I love this beautiful shrub.
We have plants available now.
Come see.

I was looking into Mawson Park in Campbelltown this week. The park was glowing. Mawson Park has a new head gardener. He's doing a fabulous job following in Robert's footsteps.
Robert has retired.

I've tried to take Michael's photo, he's the new head gardener, but he's very camera shy. He's a quiet achiever.

I love how the orange flowering Clivia make the green's look even greener. If you haven't walked through Mawson Park recently, it's time you did.

Campbelltown is being reinvented. I've seen people walking through the park, I've even seen people jogging. If you saw someone running through here 10 years ago, you'd expect the police to be in hot pursuit!!!

Now its people who live in the nearby appartments, keeping fit, and walking their dogs.

This park which always looks fabulous, is taking centre stage. It's become the show piece of Campbelltown.

I had a chat to Michael.
He got married in this park.
He's been working in The Southern Highlands, he is happy to be working closer to home.
It's become his park.

If you see him, tell him he's doing a great job. He never stops, and he's got plans for future improvements too.
He's just getting started.

Campbelltown Show Ground might be next on the improvement list??
It could become an extension of this park.
Just imagine.

It's going to be a beautiful sunny weekend.
It's time to get out in your garden.
It will make you feel good.

Come for a visit.
We have been collecting flowering plants from all over Australia especially for you.
You will be amazed by our selection.
We are here to help you choose.
Happy gardening