I drive 50kms to get your Cow manure! - Sep 09, 2022

This cakes lemonicious!!!!

Dear gardening friends

There's nothing better than growing your own Tomatoes, picking them fresh from the vines, and then eating them for breakfast on toast, with Olive oil and salt.

When you grow Tim's Fruit Fly resistant tomatoes that's exactly what you can do.

This heirloom variety has a natural resistance to fruit fly. So you can ripen the fruit on the vines, without using any nasty chemicals.

It's a prolific fruiter. One plant can produce hundreds of apricot sized Tomatoes.

Don't forget to improve your soil with Tim's Cow Manure. If you're growing them in pots, use Tim's Best Potting mix.

Tomato season is in full swing now so we have all your favourite varieties. We have a full range of herbs, vegetable and flower seedlings too. Come see.

Norm Benson drove all the way from Loftus to buy our Tim's Cow Manure. I've got another lady who drives from Mosman.
She wears her Ski jacket.
We always have a nice chat.
She's got a gardener of course.

It's so hard to find real Cow Manure these days because the suppliers are "deodorising it." They remove 75% of the Cow Manure and replace it with Recycled Greenwaste.

They call it "Composted Cow Manure." You think that means it's been put in a pile and Composted.

Norm brings his BMW out for a run.
He puts the seats down and spreads covers out, because he knows how much our Cow Manure smells.

Norm was a printer for 35 years with News Limited. He's retired now.
He got a big surprise when I told him we give 10% off plants for retirees.
He had no idea.

He wanted a fast growing tree to screen his neighbours house so I sold him an Ivory Curl Tree. This fabulous bird attracting tree, gets huge white flowers, that are full of nectar. He wanted something fast growing. "I'm 78" he told me.

Norm's a frustrated vegetable gardener. Every year he grows Tomatoes and sprays everything on them, but they still get Fruit fly.

I told him about our Tim's Fruit Fly Resistant Tomato, and I also told him to pick his fruit when they are still greenish yellow. If he ripens them inside they won't get Fruit Fly.

He was so happy to hear this.
Every year he says "I'm never growing Tomatoes again", and then he plants at least 8, he told me.

He showed me photos of his garden.
It looked great of course.
We had a nice chat.
He'll be back.
He loves Graham Ross he told me.
Your secrets safe with me mate.

With so much rain about it's the perfect time to fertilise your lawn. I'm fertilising mine today. Tylor fertilised our lawn at the nursery a couple of weeks ago and it's bright green.

The best product to use is our Tim's Rapid Results Lawn Food. The 4kg bag is turbo charged so it can feed 260m2 of lawn.
It's safe for all lawn types including Soft Leaf Buffalo. It contains 21% Nitrogen, that's why it turns your grass so green.
Apply while it's raining to get the best results. You will be amazed.
It costs just $24.99 or buy 2 bags for $45.00. It's easy to apply
It's safe for dogs and children.

We had no idea when we promoted The Queen Lavender during the week that her time was ticking. The clock has now stopped. What a great lady, and a great dresser too. We will miss her.
One last wave.
God bless the Queen.

My mum turned 90 last week so I made her a Lemon Cake. It was a huge success, so I'm giving you the recipe. I'm baking another one today.
It's seriously Lemonicious!!!

Auntie Una's Lemon Cake
125g of Butter or Margarine
1 cup of castor sugar
2 eggs
11/2 cups of self raising flour.
½ cup of milk.1/2 teaspoon of salt.

Rind and juice of one large Lemon.
Extra ¼ cup of castor sugar.

What to do.
Cream butter well in an electric mixer. Add sugar, beat. Add eggs one at a time and beat well.

Sift flour and salt, and add to mixer alternatively with milk.
Add Lemon rind.

Pour mix into a greased ring tin ( this cake tin looks like a dounut). Non stick spray works best. I forgot!!!!

Cook in a pre heated oven at 180 degrees, until top is brown. Spike the cake with a skewer. If the mix doesn't stick to it, it's cooked.
Remove cake from oven and let stand.

Mix Lemon juice and ¼ cup of castor sugar to make syrup.

Remove cake from tin, and pour lemon juice mix over the top. Cake has to be still warm, so it absorbs the juice. Eat straight away. It's amazing. Dan gave it 10/10.
Share with friends.

If you don't have a lemon tree come and see us. "Kevin The Lemon" is still our biggest selling Dwarf Lemon Tree.
It gets hundreds of thin skinned lemons every winter and early spring.
It's amazing.

You can grow "Kevin The Lemon" in a pot.
Use our Tim's Best Potting Mix.
You will get hundreds more lemons if you grow it in the ground. Plant it on a mound of Garden Mix so you get good drainage.
Citrus hate wet feet.

It's Rose planting time.
All our potted Rose bushes are coming into bloom. They have never looked better.
We've got the best roses in Australia.
Seriously, come and have a look.
They are lush and green, and disease free.

Spring is the best time to plant everything.
It's great growing weather.
Spring has sprung!
Happy gardening