Tomato seedlings have arrived - Aug 26, 2022

Fertilise your lawn while it's raining!!!!!

Dear gardening friends
Spring has finally arrived and I almost contemplated putting my shorts on today.
Hayden has been wearing his shorts for a week. Not the same pair, he's so neat and tidy and crisp. Yes crisp.

But you might find yourself putting on shorts this weekend too. It simply means that spring has finally arrived.

I'm not saying chuck out the long pants. Spring can turn back into winter, very fast.

But we do have Tomato seedlings.
It's our first delivery for spring.
There's no rush to plant new season vegetables just yet. You have at least a month to get your garden ready for planting. Of course you can grow Tomatoes in big pots too.

Our famous Tim's Fruit Fly Resistant Tomato has arrived. This fabulous sweet tasting tomato is resistant to Fruit fly. It's an heirloom variety, that has a thicker skin, which the Fruit fly just don't like.

This secret weapon keeps the fruit maggot free, without using any nasty chemicals.
The best news is it tastes amazing, and it's a prolific fruiter. One plant can produce hundreds of apricot sized Tomatoes.

If you love bigger fruit, then our Tim's Italian Tomato is my favourite choice. The huge sweet tasting, pear shaped fruit, will win you over, with their amazing taste.

This variety was discovered by me, while holidaying in Italy. The fruit has less seeds and more flesh. It's easily the best tasting heirloom variety.

It does get fruit fly, so pick them when they turn yellow/green, and ripen inside, on the we windows sill. The fruit are huge.
It's a prolific fruiter too.

We will have all your favourite varieties as spring moves forward. We have Eggplants, Cucumber, Lettuce, Silverbeet, Capsicums, zucchini and all you other vegetables too.

Don't forget to improve your soil first.
Dig one bag of Tim's Cow Manure for every 3m2. Add some Tim's FAST FOOD Fertiliser too. Cover with Sugar cane. Plant your seedlings through the mulch.
Water daily. Don't forget the Snail pellets.
We have dog proof stuff here.

Tylor fertilised our lawn during the week with Tim's Rapid Results Lawn Food.
He's back from filming "Mad Barry".
It's a film about my ex neighbour.

Rapid Results Lawn Fertiliser turns your grass bright green in 14 days. It's fabulous!!!
It keeps your grass green for 3 months or more. It's best applied during rain.
Yes get your yellow raincoat on.

The small 4kg bag fertilises 260m2.
That's huge. If you put more on, you'll get even better results. It costs $24.99 or buy 2 for $45.00.

Fathers Day is coming up.
We have $50.00 Fathers Day Gift Cards for $50.00. Dad would love one of these.
Buy yourself one too!!!
Why not???

Petunias have arrived in punnets and potted colour. These amazing flowering plants are easy to grow in pots and gardens. They flower from spring through to autumn.
They look amazing in hanging baskets too. They love the sun.
They are easy to grow.
We love them.
So will you!

My mum nearly got ripped off by a conman last week. I'm sharing this story with you just in case he rings you too.

My 90 year old mother got a phone call from a well spoken migrant, who made out he was from Telstra broadband.

He told my mum that they'd noticed a red light showing on her landline, and he was sending a serviceman out to fix it.

He gave her the man's name, Mark Williams with his security number, and could she write it down please.
Which she did of course.

He got her to write a lot of things down. He wanted her to be comfortable with numbers.

He said that the part they needed would be delivered by Australia Post on the 18th of August. Write this serial number down.

Then he told her she'd have to pay the $4.50 postage fee. Could he have her credit card details?

Which she gave him, including the security numbers, then he told her that card didn't work, could he have her other credit card details?

This made her a bit suspicious because she'd used her card the day before. Then he asked her when she was born and could he have her bank account number????
She hang up on him.

Then she got a phone call from a lady at Telstra saying the call had been cut off, and she would proceed with the booking.

My mum hung up again and then rang her bank and cancelled both bank accounts.

I'm telling you this story to help stop you getting ripped off. If someone rings you, never give them your credit card details.
Even if they sound nice.

It's going to be the best spring ever.
The soil is so moist and juicy, after so much rain. Your plants are going to grow like never before. It's going to be a gardeners paradise. It's going to be so green!!!!!
Come and see us.
We need your love.
It's been the longest autumn and winter ever. We've been doing it tough.
Happy gardening