Get yourself a free street tree! - Jul 29, 2022

Flowers make you happy!

Dear gardening friends

One of my customers rang me recently to say Camden Council had asked her to remove her roadside garden.
"Really" I responded.

Yes Council had received one complaint about her garden, and now they are asking her to remove it.
This is crazy.

When I was in Paddington last week I noticed they are putting greenery where ever there's dirt.

Bare patches around the base of trees are quickly filled with compost improved soil and plants soon follow.

Most were kept pruned so they didn't interfere with pedestrians or people in wheelchairs.

Flowers and shrubs make a place looked loved. It builds communities.

I bet Paddington got complaints when this first started. "People are breaking the rules, this isn't right."

Go to Paddington, have a walk around, it makes you feel good. Flowers make people happy!

I here people say they couldn't live in the city because there's not enough trees. Really?

I've been exploring Paddington.
There's more trees here per square metre than where we live. They don't care how much room there is, there's enough room for a tree.

The trees have all been underpruned so pedestrians can get by, without hitting their heads.

The trees cool the streets, they help shade the concrete. The cars can park under the trees.

They have expensive cars, they're not worried about a few leaves on the bonnet. They don't go looking for the chainsaw.

Every house has a garden out the front. There's pots full of foliage and colour too. If there's a bare patch somebody plants something.

It's a revelation. That's it, I've sold my house in Denmark, I'm moving to Paddington.
Yes I live in Paddo now.
I'm just trying to find my car!!

I scored 9/10 last night.
"Look dad this is delicious, seriously I'd give you a 10, but I don't want to encourage you to use The Slow Cooker".

I've fine tuned the ingredients.
They sing now. Dan took left overs for lunch.

I'm calling it "The Greek Sausage Dish".
Yes it sounds exotic.
If you want to cook it, here's the recipe.

6x Old English Sausages. Fat ones from Camden Valley Meat.
Chop up 1x Onion, 1x Carrot, 1x Leek, 1x Mushroom, 1x Egg plant, 1x Clove of Garlic, 1x sprig of Fresh Rosemary, 1x handful of Black Olives, 1/2 a Lemon (don't chop), 3 Anchovies, 3 Bay leaves, dash of Worcestershire sauce, 3 cans of Tomatoes.

Cook all day on Low.
Stir gently, don't break sausages. Just before serving add Fetta cheese. Crumble 1/2 a packet over the top. It melts in.

The sausages absorb the juice.
They double in size. They taste amazing. They transform into meatloaf. Serve with Rice or Pasta. Feeds 4 people.
With left overs for lunch.
It's amazing.
Try it.

I rang Campbelltown Council yesterday to ask if I could plant a street tree, out the front of my house?
"No you can't" I was told.
"But we can plant one for you."

Really I said. What do I have to do.
"Fill out the form."

How long will it take to come?
"Well it could be two weeks or two months, it could take longer."

You get about 4 trees to choose from. Blueberry ash, Water Gum, Bottle brush or Crepe Myrtle.

If you live in Campbelltown and don't have a street tree why don't you click on the link and order a couple.
Let's see how long it takes.
I'd love to hear your stories.

Macarthur needs more trees.
I don't understand why we can't plant a tree, that's from their list, but if you can get one for free, I'm happy about that too.

Here is the link.

If this doesn't work go to their website and type in "street trees". Fill out the request form on line.

If you live in Camden they have a free tree planting service too. Let's get more trees for Macarthur. Let's make it greener then Paddington.

I've been impressed with this new plant called Bidens "Elite Bee Flame".
Yes it's a huge name for a plant!!!!

Bidens are super hardy ground cover like plants that thrive in those hot sunny spots in your garden. They grow 40cms x 30cms.
They will grow in pots too.

They look a bit like Marigolds, but these are persistent shrubs that flower winter, spring and autumn.

When they stop flowering, simply prune them back, feed with Tim's FAST FOOD, and away they go again.

We get these fabulous plants from Poplar Grove Nursery in South Australia. They grow their plants in 150mm pots instead of 130mm or 140mm. The plants grow bigger and bushier with more flowers and they transplant better into your garden.
Plants cost $18.99.
They will make you happy!

Spring is coming. You will find yourself wandering around in the garden in the next couple of weeks. No you haven't had a stroke. You've just caught the "Gardening Bug".

It only lasts for about 6 weeks, so don't waste it. Get gardening while you've got it.
Spray the weeds, mulch and fertilise your gardens. Fertilise the lawn.
Plant a few shrubs.

You'll get a tan.
You will feel good.
You will see nature and smell flowers.
You will love life more.

Come and see us.
We've killed more plants than you.
We can help you choose the best ones.
We love gardening too.