Fresh Cut Christmas Trees this weekend. - Dec 03, 2021

They make your house smell like Christmas.

Dear gardening friends
Our Fresh Cut Christmas Trees are coming this weekend. We will have 120 to choose from on Saturday and 100 on Sunday.
Come at 8.30am to get the best tree.

There is a shortage of Christmas Trees again this year, with one of the biggest suppliers into Sydney, washed out due to flooding. We have trees, because ours are grown in the Southern Highlands.

These trees are hand pruned until they are the perfect Christmas tree shape.
Trees cost $79.99. We have stands available too.

It's best to come early, so you can get your tree out of the sun, and into your house, where it's nice and cool.

Remove 1cm from the base of your tree before putting it in your stand. Keep the container filled with water at all times. You'll be amazed how much water your tree will drink.

This keeps it hydrated and helps stop needle fall before Christmas.
Don't put your tree in front of a sunny window or more needles will drop.

Bring an old sheet so we can help you wrap up your tree, to keep your car clean.
Most trees will fit inside your car.
Lean it back, in the passenger front seat, and put the seat belt around it.

Keep it out of the sun. It's like a bunch of fresh flowers. It's best not to tie your tree, to the roof of your car. The wind and heat will dry it out, and cause needle fall.

Extraordinary sales last year, means Christmas trees are smaller this year. Hopefully most will be around 1.8ms high.

Hayden has grown us Snail Vines again, and we are selling them for just $5.00.
These fast growing plants will have highly perfumed, mauve, snail like flowers, in the next 12 months. It's a fast growing climbing plant that will hide your ugly fences.
We have about 100 plants.
$5.00 is the bargain of a lifetime.
Zoom zoom so you don't miss out.

If you haven't been to our nursery recently, then you might not know that Hayden and the girls, have transformed our shop, into a Christmas Gift Wonderland.

We've got the most beautiful ceramic pots and plants, all beautifully displayed, on vintage work benches, that are over 100 years old. You'll be amazed how fantastic it looks. We've made Christmas shopping easy. We have free gift wrapping.
Come see.

Our NSW Christmas Bush are looking fabulous right now. They are covered in flowers. They make beautiful potted gifts.
They cost $34.99 so they are cheaper than a bunch of flowers. We always sell out before Christmas, so don't delay your purchase.

I know your busy mowing lawns at the moment. Isn't it great to see all those bare patches disappearing so fast.
My lawn at home has never looked better.
You can still fertilise with Tim's Rapid Results Fertiliser. It will turn your grass bright green for Christmas Day.
Mow your lawn before application.
Bags cost just $24.99.
Or buy 2 for $45.00.
It's a great gift for dads.

$50.00 Christmas Gift Cards are only $40.00. They are such good value, buy a few for yourself too. They are not redeemable until after Christmas Day.
Use them after Christmas to spoil yourself.

Crepe Myrtles are about to burst into bloom. These drought hardy trees are thriving in the wet weather. They are growing so fast it's crazy.

We have all your favourite varieties, including The Indian Summer Varieties, that are powdery mildew resistant.

We have a new dwarf growing Crepe Myrtle called "Enduring Summer". This red flowering shrub grows 1.5ms high.
It's the perfect size for smaller gardens.
Plants cost $34.99.
They are coming into bud and flower now.

We also have the Diamonds In The Dark Crepe Myrtles. These have almost black foliage and they come in an assortment of colours. We have Red and White here now.
More colours coming soon.
It's a great time to plant.
They grow 3ms x 3ms.

Happy gardening