Hydrangeas have arrived - Oct 15, 2021

We have the best Fuchsias ever!!

Dear gardening friends
Freedom week has been amazing.
It's great to see everyone getting out and enjoying themselves again.

We've know you've been missing our plant therapy. It's great to have you back.

Peter The Greek came this week, with a fresh supply of succulents, he brought us a newbie, it's called The "Pink Star Cactus."

It's related to Zygo Cactus, but it flowers in spring. Peter has brought them, in two sizes, $6.99 and $11.99.

They will look amazing if you pot them up into a hanging basket. They like morning sun, then shade.

We've never had this variety before.
Peter is always bringing us new plants for our Collector Plant Customers.

I had no cakes for him this week.
He was sporting a new beard, that made him, look a bit like Don Burke.

He's getting a haircut next week.
"Everybody's got long hair at the moment", he tells me. "Everyone's garden needs a trim".

Peter is turbo charged.
He grows all these plants on his own.
His wife makes him cakes, that are full of sugar. This keeps him going, at 100 miles an hour.

I'm going to have to lift my game next week. Maybe get him a French Vanilla Slice?
He likes those.

Our Hydrangeas have arrived.
I'm almost nervous, to tell you this.

Betterhomesandgardens did a story about them, a month ago, and we've been inundated with inquiries ever since.

These old world shrubs have huge ball like flowers that really pop.

We've got your favourite colours, and we've also got this newby called "Miss Saori".
It has burgundy coloured foliage and these variegated, pink and white flowers.
It's a winner.

The best place to grow a Hydrangea, is in your garden, where it gets morning sun, and then shade.

If they get afternoon sun, the leaves and the flowers get burnt, and the plant droops all afternoon, and looks terrible.

They can be grown in big pots.
The pots have to hold, at least 2x bags of Potting Mix.

Hydrangeas are $34.99
They are beautiful big plants.
They will be flowering soon.
Zoom zoom.

Just for fun, we've grown a batch of this modern Heirloom tomato, called "Tie Dye".
Look at the amazing tie dye colours!!!

A friend of mine, grew it last year, and he rants and raves about the amazing taste.

It's a Beef stake variety, that has these spectacular looking, large fruit, that will get your friends talking.

It's not often found in nurseries.
It's more of a collectors plant.
We only have 50 plants.
They cost $5.00. They are strong sturdy looking plants, with thick stems.
They will need a 1.8m stake.

Yes you can grow tomatoes in big pots.
They need daily watering.

We have the most beautiful Fuchsia plants.
These are easily the best plants we've ever had. Compact bushy plants all covered in flowers and buds. They are spectacular!!!

Fuchsias can be grown in pots or hanging baskets. They can be grown in gardens too.
They like morning sun and then shade.
They like to be kept moist, especially during the summer heat.

If you're growing them in baskets choose a Yates Tuscan series XL basket. These have a water well, that helps plants stay alive during those hot summer days.

We use them here in the nursery.
You'll notice them hanging at the entrance.
They come in a range of colours.
Use our potting mix.

Just on potting mix.
Our supplier has run out of raw material, so they are unable to make our Tims Best Potting mix, at the moment. They have never seen demand like this.

We've got a replacement here that's premium quality. We used it to grow our Rose Bushes this year, and they look spectacular. You won't be disappointed.
We only sell the best. It's still $10.00 a bag.
This sale can't last forever.

We have discovered a new indoor plant grower. It's a nursery in Melbourne, that just grows the best indoor plants ever.

If you love indoor plants, you must visit us this weekend. We've got collector plants. Rare and unusual. The one's you've been seeing on Instagram, and dreaming about.
Zoom zoom.

This spring rain is making everything grow!!
There's never been a better time to plant.
You can see them growing.
You can actually watch your grass grow.

Happy gardening