Hydrangeas are coming!!! - Oct 01, 2021

It's Big, it's Greek!

Dear gardening friends
Spring has finally arrived, and it's great to see rain falling. Macarthur is going to look so green and beautiful, next week, when the sun comes out.

In the mean time, get planting, and take advantage of these spectacular growing conditions. Everything's growing.
It's time to plant.

We posted this beautiful blue flowering Echium plant on Face book, and we sold out of plants within minutes.

We've found more plants, in smaller pots, for $16.99, and they will sell out fast too.

Echiums are drought hardy, grey leaf shrubs, that thrive in those hot sunny positions. They have these spectacular blue flower spikes, in spring. The bees absolutely love these flowers.
I do too.

They grow about one metre high and 1.5ms wide. They grow very quickly and they usually flower the following year.
Simply remove the spent flowers.
They are easy to grow.
Come see.

It's Big, it's Greek.
It's Arthur's Big Greek Tomato!!!!!!!

We've grown Arthur's Big Greek Tomato seedlings, and they are available now.

This heirloom variety, comes from Arthur's family farm, in Petri Greece. Arthur's family own Kings Charcoal Chicken Shop, in Queen Street Campbelltown.

The fruit grows so big, they can weight up to 1kg. It has fewer seeds than normal tomatoes and more flesh. The taste is amazing.

Every year we grow Arthur's Big Greek Tomato, to raise money for The African AIDS Foundation in Camden. Plants cost just $5.00, and all money raised, goes to the charity. Supply is limited because the seeds are so few.

We have 120 plants only.
We are open to the public.
Bring your mask.
We have all your favourite tomato and vegetable seedlings, in stock now.

Yes they look like Azaleas, but these new "Elite Series Pelargoniums", are so much easier to grow. I've fallen in love with them.

These super hardy plants, are related to Geraniums, so they thrive in pots or gardens in sunny spots.

They flower through spring and autumn. The flowers are spectacular.

We have a range of colours.
They are all coming into flower now.

Grow them in your garden, or grow them in big pots using Tim's Best Potting Mix.

They only grow about 60cms high.
You prune them back like roses in winter, and then they grow back like this.
Granny loved them.
So will you.

Plants cost $18.99.
They are covered in buds and flowers.
They will walk out today.
How beautiful is this colour!!!!!

Are you looking for a hedging plant?
Finally a hedging plant has arrived that grows, and looks like Buxus, but it gets flowers too!!!!

Rhaphiolepis "Snow Maiden" has lush dark green tiny leaves, and beautiful white flowers in spring.

It can be clipped into a box like hedge, and it's super tough. You can see it growing here, in Argyle Street Camden.

Plant them every 500mm and you'll have a beautiful hedge in a couple of years. Snow Maiden grows 1mx1m but it can be pruned to any size.

It's best to plant hedges in spring, because this is when they grow the most. We have nice plants for just $16.99.

We have lots of other hedging plants if you'd like to create privacy.
We have display hedges here in the nursery so you can see how they look.

It's interesting that hedges actually grow faster when you prune them lightly and often. Mulch around your hedges with Sugar cane or Termite Resistant Woodchip.
This insulates the soil from the hot sun, and helps keep more water in the soil.
This makes your hedges grow faster too.

Betterhomesandgardens ran a story about Hydrangeas recently and we got over 100 phone calls from customers wanting to buy them. Hydrangeas don't flower until November and that's when nurseries normally stock them.

But we've asked our supplier to deliver earlier this year so you can plant your Hydrangeas while it's still spring.
We have all your favourite colours.
They won't be in flower yet.

Hydrangeas grow best in gardens that face east. They like morning sun, and then shade from the afternoon sun. They like soil that has been improved with Debco Planting Compost and they like a thick mulch.

If Hydrangeas run out of water when it gets hotter the flowers and foliage droop down and the plants look sad. So you need to water them often and morning sun only, is the secret.

They can be grown in pots but the pots have to be huge and you need to water them daily on those hot days in summer or the leaves and flowers will burn.

Our nursery is looking fabulous.
It's great to see our family of gardeners coming back into the store.
I'm sorry if you still live too far away to visit.
You'll be allowed to visit in a couple of weeks.

Our suppliers are running out of supplies.
Potting mixes, Cow manure and mulches and fertilisers are in short supply.
The garden industry has never seen demand like this.

Happy gardening