We are open to the public tomorrow!!!!! - Sep 26, 2021

We are open to the public tomorrow!!!!!

Some great news!!!!!!

We are reopening to the public tomorrow. You can come and see our plants. You can touch them, and smell them, and you can talk to us.

We know you've been missing your plant therapy, we know how traumatised you are. We've been traumatised too.

We know that plants and gardens, make us feel better. As humans, we need to nurture, we need to love.
Plants and gardening help us heal.

I want to thank my staff who have been amazing during this difficult time. We have stuck together.
It's been hell.

Thank you to everyone who has continued to support us during Call and Collect. I know it would have been tempting to travel further afield, to get your plants.

I know that some of you have been tempted by the devil. We welcome you back.

If you've been putting off gardening because it was just too hard.
You've still got time to plant Tomatoes.

We've still got our famous Tim's Fruit Fly Resistant, and Tim's Italian Tomatoes. If you plant them now, you might still be eating home grown Tomatoes at Christmas.

Our potted Rose Bushes are looking fabulous. They are seriously the best plants we've ever grown, and they are bursting into bud and bloom right now.

We are looking forward to seeing you. We survived Call and Collect, but it's not what we do best.
See you soon.

Happy gardening