We are running here! - Sep 11, 2021

How to grow Lavenders???

Dear gardening friends
We have survived another week.
We are getting better at Call and Collect.
It's still hell, but we have acclimatised to hell. Nobody would wish this on their staff, or customers, on the first month of spring.
We are running, it's crazy.

Our Tim's Cow manure is always popular at this time of year, with all the vegetable gardeners. It's a superior product.
It's actually Cow manure.

You might laugh at that, but our competitors are selling a product called Composted Cow Manure. It's 75% Green waste and 25% Cow manure. When you open the bag you'll see it's full of sticks and wood, it's black instead of brown, and it has no smell.

Tim's Cow Manure really is Cow Manure.
It stinks. It's a superior product.
Your plants can tell the difference, and so will your soil.

Cow Manure breaks down the clay, adds nutrients and Organics to the soil, and attracts earth worms. These magical creatures turn your terrible soil into good soil. It doesn't happen overnight.
It takes time, but one day you'll be digging up your veggie patch and you'll see that it's full of huge worms. These guys aerate the soil and fertilise it too.

You can buy 4 bags of Tims Cow Manure for $30.00. Call and Collect 46267022.
We will help you load your car.

"The Princess Lavender" is back!!
This popular variety, has large pink flowers, with that lovely lavender fragrance.
It grows 70cms x 70cms.
Thrives in those hot sunny spots in your garden. It can be grown in large pots, using Tim's Best Potting Mix.

It really does get covered in flowers.
It's one of our favourites.
These plants are over sized.
They are fabulous value at $17.99.
We have 30 plants.
Call and Collect 46267022.
Same day pick up available.

The double flowering "Lavish Lavenders" are back in stock too. These have enormous double flowers. We have pink and blue varieties. The oversized plants cost $18.99.

Just a warning with Lavenders.
Don't take them home and sit them on the concrete while you decide what to do with them. Without daily watering they will be dead within the week.

Yes Lavenders are not drought hardy, until they have been established in your garden, for 3 months, and in pots, they are never drought hardy. They need daily watering in pots especially in summer.

Here's a beautiful small growing shrub that's hard to kill. "Oriental Pink" is thriving in our garden, here at the nursery.
It's grown into this beautiful shape with no help from us. It's thriving in a garden where it gets full sun all day. It's got root competition from trees.

It grows 1.2ms high by 1.2ms wide. It has these beautiful pink flowers throughout spring.

It can be grown in a big pot too, using Tims Best Potting Mix.
We only have 20 plants.
They cost $29.99.
Call and Collect today.

It's botanical name is Rhaphiolepis "Oriental Pink". It looks amazing mass planted. It can be hedged too.

We also have the white flowering variety called "Oriental Pearl". Same size, same price.

Mawson Park was looking fabulous this week, with the sun shining in, to highlight the flowering Clivias.

These incredibly hardy plants thrive under trees, where they get protection from the hot afternoon sun. They multiply like Agapanthus so you get more and more plants over time.

New plants can be made from splitting up a clump into seperate plants. Several new plants can be made from one clump.

They can also be grown in pots in shady spots. The foliage is lush green and healthy and those orange flowers really pop.

We've got the Belgium Hybrid here at the nursery. We've got a grower who chooses us the best plants, with the broader leaves, and the brighter orange flowers. He talks about his plants, like they are his children.

Every year he gives us some in 140mm pots $17.99 and 200mm pots $35.99. The larger ones are in flower now. He's given us some yellow flowering plants too.

If you're growing them in pots use our Tim's Best Potting Mix. $10.00. If you're growing them in the ground dig Tims Cow Manure into the soil. $7.99 or 4 for $30.
Clivias come from South Africa.
Isn't that exciting.

We have all our spring seedlings in today.
Ring store with your list.
We will help you make the right choice.
Don't forget the snail pellets.
There's slugs everywhere at the moment.

We are running like crazy here.
We have 3 lines in.
If we are on the phone talking to someone else you won't get through.
We aren't having a smoke.
We are talking to someone else.

When we ring you back, to get your credit card details, please answer the phone.
Have your credit card ready.
We move onto the next customer.
Don't try and ring us back.
We will ring you.

It's crazy.
This is not the way to run a business.
We are doing our best.
Be patient.

I looked into Mawson Park, while I was getting my take away coffee during the week. It just looked so inviting.

It's amazing how we get so consumed, with the anxiety caused by Covid, that we forget to see the beauty. We've got our heads down, deep in thought.

But it's the beautiful things in life that keep us moving forward. This park looked so peaceful. It was picture perfect.

I saw Robert in his orange shirt.
He's still working, keeping the park looking beautiful and manicured.
He's still moving forward.

I love this time of year.
I love how the trees get that lime green new growth. It's so refreshing.

If you're starting a new garden start with the trees. These are the stars of the show. Plant your shrubs around these.

Keep moving.
Gardens are our sanctuary.
They make us feel good.
Happy gardening