Fresh cut Christmas trees are coming! - Nov 27, 2020

$50 Christmas Gift Cards only $40.

Dear gardening friends

Christmas is coming fast.
I judge how close events are coming, by the use by date on the milk bottle.
It's showing December already.
I'm not sure I'm ready.

Christmas trees are arriving next weekend.
We will have them here at the nursery from Saturday 5th of December till our supplier runs out.

Christmas trees take 3 years to grow, so this years trees, have grown up during the drought. They won't be huge trees.
We are hoping they will be 1.8 metres high.

They are hand pruned into the perfect Christmas tree shape.
They make your house smell like Christmas.
If you had one as a kid, this fragrance, will bring back great memories for you.
We expect them to be around $70.00.
We have Christmas tree stands too.

Grafted Eucalyptus are getting hard to find in nurseries. I know that, because we are getting phone calls from gardeners, from all over Sydney.

20 plants have arrived this week.
"Summer Red", "Dwarf Red", "Summer Beauty" and "Dwarf Orange".
Plants cost $69.99.

These grafted gums only grow 3-5 metres high and because they are grafted, they flower straight away.

The native birds and the bees love them.

They are not cheap, so make sure you protect your investment.

1. Plant them straight away.
If you leave it in the pot, thinking you'll plant it one day, it will probably die, before you plant it.

2. Gardeners think you don't have to water natives, and especially Eucalyptus.
"They grow in the wild don't they?"

These trees will drop dead quickly if you let the root ball dry out.
Dunk them in a bucket of water for 5 minutes before planting.

Plant on a mound of Native potting mix improved soil.
Mulch around the base with Tims Termite Resistant mulch.

Water daily for at least a month.
If the root ball dries out it becomes hydrophobic. It repels the water.
If this happens it's very hard to get it wet again.

In Western Australia they grow in sand. The roots travel down through the sand to find water.

These grafted varieties are more forgiving when it comes to soils, but they often struggle to send roots through our clay soils, to find water.
So they will need to be hand watered, during dry periods.

Keep the grass at least a metre away from the base.

They are beautiful trees.
But if you're not a good gardener, let us help you choose something else.

It's getting hotter.
It's time to plant more trees around your house. Trees pay you back in summer, for all the work they cause, during the winter months. Come and see us.

Spotted a Kurrajong Tree flowering in Mawson Park during the week.
The Christmas Bell like flowers are just so beautiful.

I've owned a nursery for 35 years and I can only remember one customer asking me if we had a Kurrajong tree?

Such a shame nobody knows about this iconic drought proof tree.

They make a fantastic street tree.
Camden Council has used them as street trees, in Macarthur road, near the fruit shop.

I would love to see them used as street trees in one of the new subdivisions.
They grow into a beautiful cloud tree.
We will have these available next month.
We've grown some from seed.

I was talking to a guy last week about roses. He was telling me how an old Italian guy next door to him, was retiring from growing roses, so he was selling off all his stock.

Apparently he grew roses for the cut flower industry.
"Can you get me some?"
I asked excitedly.
"I'll see what I can do"
Was he reply.

They've just turned up.
They are covered in the most fragrant flowers. As I was forklifting them in on the pallet, the fragrance was wafting through my nose.

People are going to kill for these.
It could get ugly
If you love roses don't tell anyone about this. Just get in your car quietly and zoom zoom.

People are picking them up off the pallets now.
These could be the last potted Rose Bushes in Australia.
I'm serious.
There's a world Rose bush shortage.
Open your window.
You might be able to smell them.

Looking for Christmas presents but don't know what to buy?
Our Tim's Christmas Gift cards are the easy solution. You can buy a $50.00 Christmas Gift Card for just $40.00.
That's a bargain.
They are not redeemable until after Christmas.

Achille arrived with a Christmas gift this week. Yes, he's a little early.

He made us a Christmas Wreath, out of a tyre. It looks amazing!!!!
I love the colours too.

He had a sad face.
We haven't sold many of his tyre art works this week.

Don't worry, I told him.
It's the calm before the storm.
These are going to sell like hot cakes for Christmas mate.

Who isn't dreaming about a Swan made from a tyre!!!!!!!

Achille got in amongst his creations, and it suddenly dawned on me, Achille is like Noah. He's collected two of every animal.

We've got Swans, Elephants, Cows, Crabs, Goannas, Frogs, Koalas, Cats, Fish and Pigs!!!!!!

Lots of new indoor plants this week.
If you're a collector, come see.

Happy gardening