Bob gets stuck in a washing machine? - Aug 20, 2020

Pig Face herald the start of spring!

Dear gardening friends

Bob's had a traumatic experience this week. He's been through the wash.
When you're a gardening Minion, you're going to get dirty.

I drove him down Queen Street, to the laundromat. I had him sitting in the front, with the seat belt on.
He got a few smiles.

I put him in the washing machine, and told him to hold his breath. He reckons the spin cycle was better than the Camden Show.
He got me to put him back in.
Cost me another $8.50.

He's back with his friends now.
Shrek and Teddy were so impressed with Bob's cleanliness, they got put through the wash too.

I always smile, when I see kids squished in between these characters, reading a Dr Seuss book, from our vintage collection.
Kids are never too old, to enjoy these books.

If you're coming to see us, this spring, bring your kids. They will love sitting in our 1950's vintage lounge suite, reading these books.

You'll be able to shop, in peace, without a care. We've even had people fall asleep, because this Fler lounge suite, is so comfy.
See you soon.

Pig Face are flowering in gardens around Macarthur. These super hardy succulents herald the start of spring. The worst gardeners in Australia can get these super tough ground covering plants, to grow.

This bright orange beauty, was thriving in a weed infested garden, in Mt Annan.
The Orange variety, is always the first colour to flower. Then comes Yellow, then pink and then red.

The good news is, we have all the popular colours, in the nursery today, for just $6.99.
We have Orange, Red, Yellow, Pink, White and Mauve. We also have the Native Pig Face on the native tube bench too.

Pig face thrive in those, hot dry gardens, where other plants struggle. They can even be grown in pots. Come and see our collection.

While I was driving through Mt Annan, I noticed that African Daisies, are blooming too. These easy to grow Daisies come from Africa. They have the dark eye in the centre.

Most of the African Daisies in Mt Annan are the weedy varieties that self seed, and pop up every where. They grow long and leggy.

Plant breeders have grown new varieties, that don't self seed, and become weeds.
These new varieties stay more compact and they flower even more.

They have changed their name to Osteospermums. It's a shame, because I liked the name "African Daisies."
You can still call them that, I am too.

The newest variety, to be released, is one called Osteospermum "Purple Sun".
This compact small shrub grows 30cms high by 60cms wide.

It has bright Orange flowers with a purple centre. Mass planted in pots or gardens, in sunny spots, it will look spectacular.
They flower all spring and autumn.
Beautiful plants covered in buds cost just $16.99.

The secret to growing, perennial plants, like this, is to prune them back by 25%, after flowering.

This encourages them to sprout new growth, and more flowers.
It's simple.

Pruning keeps plants alive.
It renews their plant vigour.
If you've got tired looking plants, that don't flower much any more, give them a prune now, and then fertilise with Tim's FAST FOOD. You'll be amazed by the transformation.

Tomato seedlings have arrived.
I wouldn't be planting these, in my garden yet, but some of you live on hills, where you don't get heavy frosts like I do.
Plant them at your own risk.
If we get a heavy frost they will die.

You can cover them at night, with a pot, and that will help protect them.
I have discovered, that if you plant spring vegetables early, they just sit there, and sulk, until nighttime temperatures, warm up.

If I was you, I'd be getting my garden ready this weekend, by digging in Tim's Cow Manure with a dressing of Tim's FAST FOOD. Cover with Sugarcane and let it rest.
Spring starts on the first of September.

Don't forget that our Tim's Cow Manure is the best. The chains and hardware stores are selling a product called
"Composted Cow Manure."
This is actually 75% green waste, and only 25% Cow Manure.
It's full of sticks and has no smell.
It's a rort!!!!!

You have to buy 4 bags of this inferior product to get one bag of Cow Manure.
How can that be good value?

Tim's Cow Manure is real Cow Manure.
Your plants will notice the difference.
So will your Tomatoes.

If your ringing the nursery for advice, please remember, these are extraordinary times. We are flat out serving customers, who are in our nursery.
We can't solve all your gardening problems over the phone. We don't have time.
Come and see us.

We have some new staff members.
They will take time to know everything.
We still have 3 horticulturists, on most days to help you. Most nurseries have one.

If you're buying plants, make sure you plant them. 90% of plants that die, never get planted. Yes plants have more chance of survival, if they are in the ground.
Isn't that amazing?

When you take plants home, don't sit them on concrete. It heats up during the day, and cooks the feeder roots, and dries out the potting mix.

Sit your plants in a garden.
Water them daily.
Plant them ASAP.

If you dig Planting Compost into your soil, they will have a better chance of survival.

Never fertilise newly planted trees, shrubs and flowers. It burns the feeder roots and kills your plants.

Instead, dunk your plants in a bucket of water, 15 minutes before planting.
Prepare soil by digging in Planting Compost. Plant shrubs, then water daily, for several weeks.

Mulch your gardens.
Mulch helps prevent evaporation, so your plants, get more water. It helps stop the weeds from growing. It makes plants grow faster. It makes your garden look nicer.
Mulch mulch mulch.

If you're buying indoor plants.
Don't buy a ceramic pot that's exactly the same size as the existing pot!!!!!!!
That's like buying your kids, the same size shoe, that they just grew out of.

Plants need room to grow.
Potting mix holds the water and nutrients.
More potting mix = more water = more growth = healthier plants.
It's simple.

Our nursery is exploding with fresh new exciting plants.
Come and see us.

Happy gardening