Magical Magnolias have arrived - Jul 17, 2020

The birds aren't waiting for us?

Dear gardening friends

I always smile as I walk past this tree at the entrance to Macarthur Square.
This tree wasn't planted by the gardener.
It was planted by a bird.

Pittosporum undulatum is a weed.
It's sometimes called Sweet Pittosporum or Native Daphne. Yes it's a native plant.
It has beautiful sweet smelling, cream coloured flowers in spring, that are followed by orange berries.
The birds eat these seeds, then drop them around Macarthur and around Australia.

It's become a weed in other countries too.
I don't want it pulled out, or chopped down. The more weeds we have in the world, the cooler the world will be. Weeds shade the earth and provide oxygen.

There will be some who will say that we should be planting native species, that are endemic to our area.

But in reality, we are too busy looking at our phones, and worried about work, and family, to worry about saving the world.

The birds aren't waiting for us.
They have decided to do something about the lack of trees in Macarthur.

They eat the berries and randomly drop them. If conditions are right they grow. You've probably had a Sweet Pittosporum pop up in your garden too.

Our winter supply of Magnolias have turned up this week. If you love these Tulip flowering trees, come and see us this weekend. We have all your favourite colours, including this one in the photo, which is Magnolia soulangiana.
It's still the most popular variety and it grows so well in Macarthur.
Nice plants cost just $29.99.
The fancier varieties are more expensive.
Come see.

I've fallen in love with Banksias.
They flower in winter so I'm seeing them where ever I go. The birds love these nectar filled flowers too.

There are so many varieties out there.
Some grow too big, for today's smaller gardens, but we have a newbie in the nursery called "Bird Song".

This new compact growing variety, has these huge, corn like flowers, all through autumn and winter. It spot flowers at other times too.

The best news is it only grows shoulder height. You could use it to screen that ugly colourbond fence. Before you know it, the native birds will be coming to your garden, to feed on the flowers.
You'll be hearing "Bird Song".

One of the nicest things about owning a garden, is that if you plant the right plants, the birds come into your garden.
More nature in your garden, means better mental health, for you, and your family.
How great is that!

Brian O'Neil came in looking for Petunias recently.
"When are your Petunias arriving?"
he asked me.
When you're not wearing a hat, a Flanny, long pants, and a jumper, was my reply.
He smiled and bought Pansies instead.

Pansies will flower non stop, well into November I told him.
Brian lives in Lindsey st.
This is one of my favourite streets in Campbelltown.

A lot of the who's who lived here in the 60s.
Brian has lived there with his wife since 1962. He laughed when I said to him "you must have been rich".

He worked on the Railways for 43 years.
He bought it through The Rural Bank.
He used to plant flowers everywhere in his gardens. Now he plants them in pots to give him a bit of colour.

He's got Grevilleas in his garden now, because they are less work, and he loves attracting the birds into his garden.

He was very proud of his Camellias too.
He told me he loves just walking around his garden. He might pull out a weed or two. "I could never live in an apartment" he tells me.
"I love the fresh air".

He will be back in November for Petunias.
He made me smile today.
He had a friendly nature.
I've noticed that gardeners, seem pretty happy with life.

I've noticed some of the chains are selling Tomato plants already. These guys have no idea. It's the middle of winter.
If you plant tomatoes now, they will die.
Wait until we tell you to plant them.
We want you to have success too.

Tim's Best Potting Mix is still $10.00 a bag.
I've heard so many success stories from new gardeners and old gardeners who are using our potting mix for the first time.

They are always surprised by the results.
They always thought that they were just poor gardeners. They suddenly realise that they can be good gardeners, if they buy the right potting mix.

We are the safest shop in Campbelltown at the moment. That's because you are outside in the fresh air. Keep your distance.
Stay safe in your garden guys.
Happy gardening