The biggest poo? - Jun 26, 2020

A Rose for your nose?

Dear gardening friends
We've got some great news for us, and even better news for you. We've finished potting up all our new season roses for 2020. We have over 2,300 plants.
Over 120 varieties.

This week our last delivery arrived from Victoria. We have some exciting new releases, that will excite you.

"Beautiful Girl" is a romantic combination of silver and pink that you will fall in love with.
It has long stems making it perfect for cut flowers. The foliage is green and healthy.
We only have 20 plants.
New Releases are $34.99.
You'll get 5% off because you're in our Garden Club. Seniors get 10% off.

"Star Burst" is another new release.
This Rose is absolutely spectacular.
It looks like it's been painted!!!!!
Starting with a base of yellow cream, the soft pink splashes turn deep pink with age.
Flowers are produced in large clusters.
It has very high disease resistance.
It only grows 1.2 metres high by 1.2 metres wide.
Perfect for smaller gardens.
We only have 20 plants.

My favourite, is this new Rose that's so adorable, they called it "Adorable".
An award winner, including Peoples Choice and Most Fragrant Rose of 2019.
The fragrance is amazing!!!!!!!
This rose has been selected by Kordes nursery and included in their Parfuma Series. Roses must have exceptional fragrance to be selected.

This fabulous floribunda Rose has full double blooms in pink mauve.
It only grows 80cms high by 50cms wide making it perfect for pots or smaller gardens. It's a winner.
We only have 20 plants.
$34.99. Less club discount.

Other New Releases include Golden Beauty, No Surrender, It's Magic and Quicksilver.

If you love perfumed roses look for our Parfuma Collection. These roses have been grown by Kordes nursery in Germany for their exceptional fragrance.
Roses in this range include Dark Desire, Earth Angel, Fruity Parfuma and Summer Romance. We have all these.

For cut flowers it's hard to beat the Eleganza Collection by Kordes.
These beautiful hybrid tea roses are perfect for picking. Roses in this collection include Perfume Passion, Sunny Sky and Winter Sun. They have great disease resistance.

I spotted the most beautiful rose garden in Harrington Park last week.
The White Iceberg Standard Roses were absolutely spectacular.

It's the middle of winter but these disease resistant roses are still covered in white blooms, like it's spring.

How amazing does this look, with the grey of the house, the white shutters, the lovely green lawn.
Love it!!!!!

We have a full range of Standard Rose Bushes in the nursery today.
Priced from $45 to $65.
Depending on size.

Some of the varieties include Ice Berg,
Mr Lincoln, Double Delight, Freesia,
Blue Moon, The Macarthur Rose, Just Joey.
To name a few.

Remember when planting Rose Bushes don't apply fertiliser!!!!!!!!!!
Rose Food will kill newly planted Roses.
Wait till September when your roses are coming into flower before applying fertiliser.

Use Tim's Cow Manure to improve poor quality soils. Dig this into the ground.
You can use IGC Planting Compost too.
Cover the soil with Sugar Cane mulch.
Water twice weekly.

If you're planting Standard Roses stake them when planting. The cane stakes aren't suitable. They need to be replaced with hardwood garden stakes. This stops your plants breaking in the wind.
Use old stockings to tie plants to stakes.
Not garden wire.

While we were standing around the potting bench last week, I was reminded of a story my boys told me, while they were at St Peters Primary School in Campbelltown.

Word had spread quickly around the playground, at lunchtime, about a giant poo, that couldn't be flushed.

By the time my boys heard about it, a line had formed out the door and into the playground.

It's not often things live up to expectations but apparently this poo did.
Each child had a turn of trying to flush it, before moving on in a state of incredulation. Yes I just made that word up.

A posse of kids had quickly formed to find a solution. Where was Mr Ware?
The general assistant was famously called "Mr Fix it".

They found Mr Ware having his lunch.
Little did he know, that his lunch was about to be disturbed for ever.

The posse led Mr Ware back to the toilets yelling and screaming.

It had become a carnival scene.
The line up was even bigger!!!

Mr Ware pushed his way through the kids. When he looked down into the bowl a groan could be heard, and a few expletives.
The kids hadn't been exaggerating!!!
He tried to flush it too.

He turned suddenly and headed back out into the playground.
He found several sticks before choosing the right one.

It was almost Harry Potterish.
Like choosing the right wand?

He went back to the task, pushing past more kids, excusing himself as he went.
The large stick was pushed into the toilet several times before success seemed possible.

It was like a ship washed up on the rocks.
Eventually the tourist attraction got washed away, but never forgotten.
I hope I haven't put you off your lunch.
Or dinner.
Happy gardening