Christmas trees are coming!!!!!! - Nov 22, 2019

Make your house smell like Christmas

Dear gardening friends
Christmas really is coming.
We've got fresh cut Christmas Trees arriving next Saturday and Sunday.
We will have them every weekend leading up to Christmas subject to supply.
Our trees come straight from the Southern Highlands, early in the morning, so you can't get fresher than that.

If you've ever had a fresh cut Christmas tree then you will know that they make your whole house smell like Christmas.
That lovely pine fragrance is what Christmas is all about.
This will bring back great memories for you.

Come early in the morning to pick up your tree. We open at 8.30.
Bring a sheet and we will help you wrap it, up so it keeps your car clean.
We have Christmas Tree stands too.

When you get your tree home cut 25mms off the base. Place your tree in the stand and fill with water. Top up your tank daily with fresh water. This will keep your tree hydrated and green right up till Christmas.
Keep your tree away from sunny windows.
Its commonsense, your tree is like a bunch of fresh cut flowers.

Our Frangipani sale is amazing.
We had 40 varieties.
Now it's down to about 35.
We always sell out of the rare and fancy varieties first. We've had Frangipani collectors come from all over NSW.

You won't find this many colours anywhere else so it's worth the drive.
Potted Frangipani in 150mm pots are just $19.99. We have all your favourite colours including the rare reds.

Pot them up into bigger pots using Tim's Best Potting Mix. You can grow several plants in the same big pot, and make a rainbow tree.

Or grow one in your garden up against a north or western facing brick wall.
The bricks heat up to help protect your plant from the winter cold.

We still have at least 500 plants but they are selling so fast, you need to come this weekend.

Mike Collingham called in last week with a load of ceramic pots.
Mike makes these pots, with his wife Kim, at their Pottery business in Bermagui, on the South Coast.

Mikes been a professional potter since 1975, but he actually made his first pot at school, when he was 14.
Mike grew up in Fontana in California, but he moved to Australia in 1985 with Kim.
He discovered Bermagui by accident, and fell in love with the place.
I asked him why he left America?
"To escape LA".
Why did you move to Bermagui?
"It's out of the way.
I'm out of the way.
The fishing's good too".
Yes I already knew that Mike loves fishing. He actually looks like a surfer to me, he's very tall, almost lanky.
He's often got me interested in his pots by asking about my latest fishing trip. He is quietly spoken but he is always ready to laugh.
He makes these self watering pots that are especially good for growing African Violets. These plants don't like getting water on their leaves.
Mike made a pot with a larger saucer so you fill this up with water and the Potting mix absorbs the water via capillary.
Leave the water to sit in the saucer for an hour or so then tip the excess out. These pots can be used to grow all your indoor plants.
It's not often you see Ceramic pots made in Australia these days.
You'd expect them to be expensive but we have pots from $15.99.
It's nice to support Mike and his family.
If you're ever in Bermagui look him up. It's called Bermagui Mud Works Pottery. You can actually do a course and become a Potter.
You just might have a "Ghost Moment".
But not with Mike.
He's married.

It's no secret that Lipstick Euphorbia is one of my favourite plants. We have two growing in pots out the front of our nursery and they haven't stopped flowering for 5 years plus.

They have these lipstick coloured flowers every day of the year. They thrive in pots in sunny spots where other plants simply drop dead. We've got new stock this week.
They are amazing value at $19.99.
They could be used as Christmas Gifts.
Buy one for yourself.

Our Famous $50.00 Christmas Gift Cards have been reduced to just $40.00.
This makes Christmas shopping easy.
They can't be redeemed until after Christmas. Buy a couple for yourself.

Happy gardening