We have the biggest selection of Frangipani in Australia!! - Nov 15, 2019

Why do kids hate Zucchini?

Dear gardening friends
We are the Frangipani Capital of Australia this week. These amazing fragrant trees are loved around the world. They are collector plants.
We have 40 varieties to choose from.
Most are only $19.99.
Frangipani selection 15/11/2019.

Black Jack, Black Jack's Sister, Dwarf Pink Petite, Bali Whirl, Blood Sun, Cockatoo, Cherry Clusters, Darwin Blood, Darwin Blues, Darwin Candy O, Darwin Cream, Darwin Golden Beauty, Darwin Harney, Darwin Monsoon, Darwin Pink Beauty, Darwin Sunset, Darwin Yellow, Everlasting Love, George Brown, Goldilocks, Golden Swirl, Hawaiian Sunset, Heidi, Honey and Me, Kimo, Lemon Drop, Lulu, Lulus Blood, Lulus Pink Blush, Pundica Pink, Ocean Waves, Sally Moragne, Singapore Beauty, Sydney 2000, Tequila Sunrise, Thai Beauty, Thomlinson's Pink, Tricolour, Valentine Perfume Blush, Snow White.

If you look on the internet, many of these are plus $30 for a cutting!!!!!!!
Our plants are in 140mm pots.
They are up to 50cms high.
They have roots, they are growing.
Pot them up into a bigger pots using Tim's Best Potting Mix and they will thrive.
Frangipani grow best up against a northern or western facing brick wall. The warm bricks heat up during the day and help to protect your plant from the cold.
They store water in their leaves and trunk, so they have a smaller root system than normal trees.

They are drought hardy once established. They love the sun.
They can be grown successfully in big pots if you use Tim's Best Potting Mix.
Plant several in the one big pot and make a Rainbow Frangipani tree.

As these plants grow bigger we will have to pot them up and the price goes up so don't delay.
If you know friends who love Frangipanis share this with them.

This is the selection that's available today. They sell quickly and we do sell out of some varieties fast. Zoom zoom.

Wow I'm loving this new native ground cover called Marianthus.
It's a Superhero native plant that laughs at these dry conditions.
It flowers for most of the year.
It has these orange red flowers.
It thrives in full sun or part shade.
I love the glossy green leaves.
It was originally found growing wild in South Australia.
It will grow wild in your garden too.
Each plant can spread 1500mms.
It stays flat to the ground.
Lachie has one growing in his garden. He rates it an absolute winner. Plants cost $16.99.
We have about 30 plants.
See Lachie.

My kids hate Zucchini.
They are too soft and slimy according to them.
But recently I've discovered that Zucchini's were never designed to be cooked.
It's like cooking a Cucumber.

I was visiting Manly for the day, and noticed a line up of people waiting to buy a "salad" from an eatery called Banana Blossom.
They specialise in Asian Style Salads.
The salad I ordered had "noodles" that were made from raw Zucchini. It was called The Tokyo Salad. I ate it with chop sticks.

I'm laughing as I write this.
I went to Macquarie Boys High.
The meal of choice at my school was a white bread roll, with a sausage roll inserted inside it, with enough tomato sauce added, to allow you to get it down. It was very filling!!!!!!
But sometimes I still ate a "Rock Cake" afterwards.

Anyway I've fallen in love with raw Zucchini, so much so I'm growing my own plant. It's covered in fruit right now. They grow so fast, if you blink they can turn into a Marrow within seconds.
We ate 2 last night in a salad.
One of my boys has become very adapt at sneaking anything he doesn't like (that list is huge) onto my plate, or onto his brothers plate.
But last night I watched very closely, and I think he may have eaten the Zucchini.
Vegetables are good for you.
They are even better for you, when they are eaten raw.
If I've inspired you to grow a Zucchini Plant, you will only need one.
It could grow it in a big pot.
Use Tim's Best Potting Mix.
I'm growing mine in the garden.
I've improved this soil over time using Tim's Cow Manure.
My plant is thriving.
It grows about 900mm high by 900 mms wide.
If you like my stories, share it with a friend. They might like it too.

I was in Jugiong last week.
It's a small tourist town just past Yass.
It was very hot but I noticed that when Jim and I sat outside to eat our Ruben sandwich it was cool. They had grown a Grape vine over the pergola. Wow what a difference shade makes.

They are smarter than us in the country.
They plant trees and vines around their houses to cool the houses. We turn on the air conditioning.

We have Grape vines in the nursery today.
We have the Seedless table grape varieties.
They grow fast. They provide shade and fruit. You can even eat the leaves.
Come see.
Happy gardening