You will love “The Sweat Heart Rose” - Nov 08, 2019

Dressing up is optional?

Dear Gardening Friends
I've just spend 2 days in Khancoban trying to catch fish.
On the way home I spotted "The Sweatheart Rose" growing in Batlow.
This is also called "Cecile Brunner".
This old world fragrant rose was used in wedding bouquets in the 1950s.
The tiny flowers have an amazing perfume and they can be picked and brought inside to use as posies.

Cecile Brunner comes in a climber or a floribunda rose. We have both.
The one I spotted in Batlow was a floribunda Rose. It had thousands of buds and flowers. The leaves are free from disease.

We have Cecile Brunner Roses in the nursery today for just $29.99. You'll get $5.00 off this weekend.
Yes we are continuing our rose sale.
They have amazing fragrance.
The Cecile Brunner rose is almost thornless and It's the most disease resistant Rose, on the planet.
Our plants are covered in flowers too.
Come see.

This large terracotta pot on my patio, has the most amazing Petunia plant cascading over the sides. This is an Oasis Spreading Petunia. There is only one plant in this pot.
This photo is from last year.
I planted another Petunia in it this week.

We sell Oasis Spreading Petunias in a punnet of 3 for $7.50. Each plant will grow this big, if you plant it in a big pot, using Tim's Best Potting Mix.
They can be grown in your garden too.

My plant flowers all spring, summer and autumn. After Christmas I cut it back by 50% and fertilise with Tim's Fast Food.
This makes it grow more leaves and new flowers appear within weeks.
Pruning gives plants a new lease of life.

Oasis Spreading Petunias come in Purple(my fav), Red, Blue, Pink and White.
Some of these colours come mixed.
They really are spectacular plants, but give them room, so they can reach their full potential.

I pull mine out in winter, because it's too cold where I live, and the frost kills them. But some of you will have success keeping them alive, and they can go again the following spring. It just depends where you live.

I was admiring my Peace Lily at home during the week. It's covered in flowers right now. Spathiphyllum are one of the toughest indoor plants in the world.

They have lovely green foliage, and if they get enough light, they will have these spectacular white flowers throughout the warmer months.

I repotted mine into a bigger pot, the day I bought it, using Tim's Best Potting Mix.
It has doubled in size in the last 12 months.
I water it twice a week. If the leaves droop I water it again. I fertilised mine with Tim's Fast Food in spring. (We are out of stock)

Like many indoor plants in this family, it's poisonous to cats if they eat it.
But one of our customers commented, that she has three Spathiphyllums, in her house, and the cats haven't been bothered.

We had Melbourne Cup Celebrations during the week. One of our favourite customers named James turned up in his Christmas hat outfit.
Hello James, I said to him, are you dressed up for The Melbourne Cup mate?
"No". Was his reply.
Come in and we'll have a cuppa mate.
I seem to attract the most interesting people.
James got the Christmas Hat from Kmart.
It's a winner.

If you like dressing up, or you're a bit different. We are happy to see you.
Happy gardening