Tim’s Best Potting Mix on sale for $10.00. - Oct 07, 2019

Tim’s Best Potting Mix only $10.00 a bag this long weekend.

Dear gardening friends
We’ve dropped the price on our famous Tim’s Best Potting Mix to just $10.00 a bag this long weekend. You’ll save $4.50.
This is the Best Potting Mix in Australia, so it’s worth the drive.

If your kids have been growing the Woolies Discovery Gardens, it’s time to set these seedlings free. Pot them on, using Tim’s Best Potting Mix, and your kids will become gardeners for life.
The Potting Mix Sale ends on Monday at 5pm. Don’t miss out.

Arthur’s Famous “Big Greek Tomato” seedlings are ready for sale. We grow this giant tomato, every year, from seed, to raise money for a charity.

Arthur’s family grew this heirloom variety on their farm in Petri Greece. The fruit can weight up to 1kg, and they are so sweet and delicious.

Arthur’s family in Australia, own Kings Charcoal Chicken shop in Queen Street Campbelltown.

Arthur was kind enough to give us the seeds, so the gardeners of Macarthur can grow this giant tomato too.

We have very limited numbers this year, so come early, or miss out. Plants cost $5.00 and all the money goes to AAF in Camden.

We still have the best selection of Heirloom Tomato seedlings in Macarthur. If you love your tomatoes, come and see us.
Use our Tim’s Best Potting Mix, to grow tomatoes in big pots, and you will have success.

Remember Tomatoes need to be watered daily. If you don’t, they might get blossom end rot.

We are always after new and exciting plants to keep our gardening friends happy.
Indoor plant lovers will want to add this newby to their collection.

Rhaphidophora tetrasperma is a cute indoor plant with these dramatic glossy green leaves. It’s similar to Monstera, but it stays small so it’s perfect for pots.

This rare plant has been selling for a fortune on ebay. We’ve got them for $16.99. Limit 2 per customer.
Zoom zoom.

We have more rare plants available this long weekend. Hayden has found us amazing Hoyas, from a collector in Victoria.
Hoyas are spectacular flowering indoor plants that have waxy flowers.

They can be grown outside under protected patios too. They grow well in hanging baskets. They will spill over.
They look amazing.
They are only $14.99.
We have 50 plants.
They will sell like hot cakes.
Zoom zoom.

I’m excited about a death proof shrub called Rhaphiolepis “Oriental Pink”.
We have this almost death proof shrub growing in our garden here at Tim’s Garden Centre.

This tough shrub grows into a beautiful dome shape without any pruning.
It grows one metre high by 1.2ms wide.
It thrives in full sun or part shade.

It has these beautiful pink flowers in spring.
They have a nice fragrance too.
We have beautiful advanced plants for $26.99. You’ll get a discount, because you’re a Tim’s Garden Club member.

We have a white flowering form called “Oriental Pearl”. This comes from Victoria so it’s $29.99. Check them out.
I have this variety growing in my garden at Brownlow Hill. It’s thriving despite the heavy frosts at my place and it takes the heat too.

We have so many beautiful plants this week. Come for a walk.
Stop and smell our roses.
Choose the most fragrant variety for your garden.
Happy gardening