Fertilise your lawn for just $20.00 - Sep 20, 2019

Get a green lawn in 14 days!!!!!!!!

Dear gardening friends
Beautiful life saving rain has fallen in the Macarthur area this week, bringing hope to farmers, and enthusiasm to gardeners.

To get you excited about gardening again, we have dropped the price of our famous Tim’s Rapid Results Lawn Food, to just $20.00 a bag. You’ll save $5.00.

This is the best lawn food on the market.
It contains 21% Nitrogen, so it turns your grass bright green in just 14 days.
Your lawn will respond with fresh new growth, and those horrible bare patches, will disappear.

The easy to carry 4kg bag will feed 260m2.
It’s so easy to carry home. It’s no bigger than your handbag, or man bag.
It contains a Wetting Agent,
so it gets down to the roots fast.

Throw it on by hand, or use a Scott’s Fertiliser spreader. It will release some food straight away, and more food will release slowly, so it keeps your lawn green for 3 months.

It usually sells for $24.99, but we have dropped the price to just $20.00 for this weekend only. While stocks last.
It’s a bargain.
If you have a big lawn, buy 2 bags.

It’s time to fertilise your garden too.
Use Tim’s Cow Manure or if you want something that doesn’t smell, use our Tim’s FAST FOOD. This is great for indoor and outdoor potted plants too.

Fertiliser works best when plants are actively growing. They are actively growing now. Get cracking. Zoom zoom.

I was walking down Clapham Road in Regents Park, when I came across this amazing garden. I’ve been past this house before. It’s an oasis in a concrete jungle.
My son played soccer in the park next door.

The house belongs to Janice Graham.
She has lived in this street for 45 years.
Its a quirky garden, so I knew someone quirky must live here.

Janice is a collector of unusual plants.
She has Iceland poppies growing in the front garden. She has an orange flowering bottle brush that I’ve never seen before, and a green flowering Euphorbia just to get me started.

She has landscaped the nature strip and the park next door too.

When I knocked on the door, and introduced myself, she invited me to come and see her backyard too.

She led me down a path that meandered through her garden. There are hundreds of potted plants here all thriving.

She showed me some Kalanchoes and New Guinea Impatiens that she picked up at the markets. (we have these in the nursery)

She has a shade house that’s full of shade loving plants. It must be a lovely place to sit, I suggest. “ I never sit here” she says.
“I come out here every day and work 6 hours non stop, I look for Caterpillars and Bugs”

“I laid all the pavers here, and I made that pond too”. The pond is full of giant Koi and she has a turtle. The turtle is watching us as we talk. “It’s waiting for me to feed it.”

She tells me she cooks up Brussel sprouts, pumpkin, Paw paw and Potato for the fish and the turtle. “They love it, I feed them fish food sometimes too”.

Janice was born in Alice Springs, she still remembers the Oleanders. Her Grandfather grew flower seeds for Anderson’s Seed Company, so plants are in her blood.

She gave me cuttings to take home and seeds for a tomato that doesn’t get fruit fly.
A friend gave her the seeds, he lived in Tamworth.
“He’s dead now, a lot of my friends are dead or dying”
She quips.
I shake hands, I go away happy.
I’ve made a friend.
Gardeners are beautiful people.

How amazing is this?
It’s a new Ficus called “Ruby Red”.
If you’re looking for a hardy indoor plant that’s hard to kill, with the most spectacular pink foliage, this is it.

We have huge plants for $37.99.
This plant will suck the chemicals out of the air inside your house and replace it with “fresh air”.
Indoor plants don’t just look great, they clean the air too!!!!!

You need at least 6 indoor plants, to keep the air in your house clean.
How many do you have?

The Queen turned up at our nursery this week. We’ve been expecting her for a while now. She had a lovely fragrance.
I expected her to smell like moth balls.

The Queen Lavender Plant has been released by the same nursery who gave us the Princess Lavender. These Lavender plants have been bred to have big ears.

I bet you didn’t even know the Queen had big ears. Some of you will love planting The Queen in your garden. You’d like to put Charlie there too.

We are still waiting for The Charlie Lavender. We are expecting even bigger ears for him.

The Queen Lavender stays bushier than other varieties and it gets covered in flowers in spring and autumn.
Cut it back by 25% after flowering to keep it looking great for many years.

Lavenders have fragrant foliage.
I like to run my fingers through the foliage when ever I’m walking by. You can use this foliage to add fragrance to your house.

The Queen Lavender can be grown in a big pot too. Use our Tim’s Best Foliage for the best results. It’s not the cheapest Potting Mix. It’s the best.

Remember to water your Lavender plant or you’ll be singing “God Save The Queen.”
You don’t want The Queen dropping dead at your place. It would be such a fuss.
You’ll be in the paper.

I did not have time to talk to you.
I’m digging up my vegetable garden today.
I’ll be planting Tomatoes this week.
I’m excited.
Hope you are too.

Come and see us for gardening advice.
Walk through our nursery
It looks amazing today
Happy gardening