It’s time to plant Tomatoes!!!!!! - Sep 06, 2019

Last chance to buy Tim’s Best for $10.00.

Dear gardening friends

This is your last chance, to buy Tim’s Best Potting Mix, for just $10.00 a bag.
We have been amazed by the response.
We have sold almost 2,000 bags.

We had no idea just how much Potting Mix gets sold every week in Macarthur.
We are also horrified that many of these customers have been buying poor quality Potting mixes in the past, and then they blame themselves, when the plants don’t grow.

Tim’s Best Potting Mix really is the Best Potting Mix on the market. It normally sells for $14.50 a bag. It’s only $10.00 today.
Sale ends Monday at 5pm!

I was watering some of my guerrilla tree plantings early this morning, in Camden, and I noticed this magnificent blossom tree.
It was flowering in the grounds of Camden Swimming Pool. I asked the attendant if I could take his photo, standing in front of it.
He said “no, but I’ll take your photo”.

It’s an Ornamental Pear Tree.
This is the original variety of Manchurian Pear and I think it’s still the best.
This tree would be 30 years old and it’s not that big. It would easily fit in a suburban garden or use it, as a street tree.

Manchurian Pear trees are super hardy.
They survive in hot dry conditions and they will also thrive in damp wet soils.
They get covered in white spring blossom and the bees love the nectar filled white flowers. This tree was humming with bees this morning.

We have all the varieties of Pyrus on the market at the nursery. If you want a hardy shade tree, these are hard to beat.

Tim’s Italian Tomato has arrived.
This huge pear shaped tomato is the best tasting variety we sell. I discovered it while holidaying in La Aquila, in Italy, about 10 years ago. We bought fruit in the Piazza then took it back for lunch.

We cut the tomato into cubes and drizzled olive oil over the top, and added lots of salt.
We ate them at room temperature with fresh, crusty, wood fired oven baked bread. I can still taste it!!!!!!!

I bought seed home but then discovered this variety was already in Australia.
But only The Italians knew anything about it. We got our seedling grower to source the seed and grow the seedlings for us.
Tim’s Italian Tomato is a winner.

Pick the large pear shaped fruit when they turn yellow/ green, and bring them inside to ripen.

A week later they will be ready to eat.
The fruit is soft. That’s why this variety could never be commercially available.
It’s the best tasting variety.
Try it!

The weather is still so dry.
I’ve noticed that Geraniums are thriving.
These are loved by old ladies.
I’ve fallen in love with these new varieties because they flower longer, and stay bushier too.

“Big Red” is my favourite colour.
This Italian, Sports Car Red, really pops, in pots, in my garden. I’ve used Tim’s Best Potting Mix, and they haven’t stopped flowering for years. You can also buy “Big Pink” and “Pink Splash”. We’ve got a new “Orange WOW” flowering variety today too.
If you want colour, all spring, summer and autumn, these are hard to beat.
Once you have one they are easy to grow from cuttings!!!!!!

We have so much spring colour in the nursery today. Come for a walk.
Bring your dog, if it doesn’t eat people.

Don’t forget, Tim’s Best Potting Mix Sale, ends Monday, at 5pm.

Happy gardening