A death proof indoor plant? - Jun 21, 2019

Magical Magnolias have arrived!!!!!

Dear gardening friends

I noticed this vintage pot, made out of an old tyre and rim, outside Camden Petroleum. It didn’t look like this.
It looked abandoned.

I asked the guy on the till where he got it from? He gave me a strange bewildered look. “You can have it” he replied.

It was raining on Sunday so I gave Hayden a challenge. I want this to look like something from under the sea.

He gave me a strange bewildered look.
And an hour later he came up with this.
Come check it out.
It’s amazing.

If you’ve been inspired by Hayden’s Succulent creation, why not make one yourself. We have hundreds of Succulents from just $2.99. They are so cheap.
Choose varieties that look like seaweed.
Group colours and textures.
Ask Hayden for help.

Are you an indoor plant murderer?
We’ve found a plant that’s suppose to be unkillable. “Green Supreme” grows wild in The Amazon Jungle.

It thrives in those spots inside your house where other plants simply drop dead.
It has these glossy green leaves which can be variegated sometimes too.

Green Supreme grows up to 45cms.
It has white flowers during the warmer months.
We would love you to try and grow this plant. It just might give you the confidence to try other indoor plants again too.
Green Supreme plants are available from just $15.99. They look great.

Indoor plants remove dangerous toxins from the air and replace it with fresh air.
How good is that!!!!!!

Hayden and I went to the Nursery Industries Market this week. We found some fabulous plants. We’ve got insect eating Pitcher Plants in hanging baskets. You may have seen these in Sydney’s Botanic Gardens.
If you didn’t, bring your kids down to our nursery to see them.

We also found some beautiful orchids in flower. We have Cymbidium and Dendrobium orchids. These make beautiful floral gifts, and I think they are great value.

Magnolias arrived yesterday.
These spectacular flowering spring blossom trees have tulip shaped flowers.
They are smaller growing shade trees that are the perfect size for today’s courtyard sized gardens.

We’ve got 10 varieties.
Some of these haven’t been seen in nurseries for years. Some have never been seen before. We’ve got a new yellow flowering variety called Magnolia Butterflies. That’s it in the photo above.

We also have the best selection of Magnolia soulangeanas. These grow well in Macarthur’s terrible soils.
Plants cost just $29.99. They are beautifully grown plants with lovely straight trunks.

The grafted varieties like Vulcan and Black Tulip are more expensive.

For best results dig a nice wide hole.
Put the soil to the side. Tip a bag of IGC Planting Compost on top of this and mix it together. Put all the soil back in the hole.
It will make a mound about 150mms high by 1000mms wide.

Dig a hole in this to plant your tree. Mulch around the base with Termite Resistant Wood chip. This will keep the soil wetter and cooler in summer.

If you are planting fruit trees or spring blossom trees this winter, use this planting method.

One of our customers was complaining to me this week. He planted 10 rose bushes last year and they all died.
I bet you put Rose Food on them when you planted them I suggested.
“Yes I did” he replied.

Never fertilise newly planted Roses, Fruit trees and shrubs with these fast release fertilisers. The salt in these fertilisers draws the moisture away from the roots and your plants die. Use Planting Compost instead of fertiliser.

Our nursery is looking fantastic at the moment. If you are a plant lover, come for a visit. All our new season Roses, Fruit Trees and Spring Blossom Trees have arrived.
Winter is the best time to plant.

We are getting rain now so they will grow!
Happy gardening