The worlds gone daisy crazy! - Sep 14, 2018

Flowers will make you happy.

Dear gardening friends
If you took my advice, and you fertilised your lawn last week, you will notice that it’s turning green already. Our Tim’s Rapid Results Lawn Food can turn your grass bright green in just 14 days. If you didn’t get around to it, come and buy a bag this weekend. We did sell out during the week, so I’m sorry if you made the trip and you missed out. We have 200 bags here today.

Lots of weeds are popping up in lawns after the rain. Now is the best time to spray broadleaf weeds like Clover and Bindi.
We’ve had great success with Richgro Bindi and Weedkiller. It’s in a red bottle. We’ve got it in the shop. Mix 30mms in 5 litres of water, add a squirt of detergent to make it stick to the leaves. Spray this over 50m2.
Go over it several times. Your lawn has to be long. Don’t mow it, and then spray or it won’t work. Don’t mow for 7 days after spraying. Weeds like Clover, need to be sprayed twice in 7-10 days.
Weeds are easier to kill when they are actively growing so do it now!!!!!!

Have you fertilised your garden yet?
Plants grow better if you fertilise them.
Fertiliser works best when plants are actively growing. If you look at your plants now you will notice fresh new growth.
Fertilise your garden and pots with our Tim’s Fast Food. It’s safe for most plants.
It’s what we use here in the nursery.
The shaker container costs just $17.99.
Use it all up. Fertiliser doesn’t work if you put it in the cupboard!!!!!

Everyone’s gone Daisy Crazy after last week’s show of Betterhomes and Gardens.
Graham created a cottage garden using Daisies and other fast growing flowering plants.

Colour is back in fashion, and Daisies grow fast and they flower straight away.
Check out our huge display of Daisies.
We love the African Daisies the best because they last for several seasons and they don’t grow too tall. If you want instant colour plant Daisies. We have heaps of colours.

Geraniums are thriving during this hot dry weather. Look for my favourite varieties called “Big Red” and “Big Pink”. These compact growing shrubs will flower non stop for at least 5 years. Grow them in pots or gardens in sunny spots. Use our Tim’s Best Potting Mix and feed with Tim’s Fast Food if they ever look tired.
If you’ve got pots these will flower non stop!!!!!

Cliveas are blooming in Mawson Park.
These amazing shade loving plants thrive under trees. They come in Orange, Yellow and Apricot coloured varieties. Once you have one, they multiply and you soon get more for free. We have heaps here at the nursery.

If you’re in Campbelltown, walk through Mawson Park and check them out. Robert, the head gardener here, does a fantastic job keeping this park looking good.
He never stops working.

Moth Orchids have arrived this week. I took one home last spring and it flowered non stop for 6 months! I put mine in the kitchen near a north facing window. I took it out of the cover pot to water it once a week.
They are in a plastic pot that sits inside a beautiful glazed cover pot. This doesn’t have a drainage hole that’s why it’s better to take it out to water then let it drain for a few minutes. You don’t want to drown your orchid. More flowers come from the one flower spike so don’t remove it.
These make amazing floral gifts.

We’ve been collecting old timber benches to use as display tables in our shop.
They look fantastic. If your dad has an old timber work bench, that you don’t need, let us know.

Oasis Spreading Petunias are amazing.
I’ve planted the purple and the red varieties in huge pots at my place every spring.
These colours really pop. I only plant one plant per pot using our Tim’s Best Potting Mix. They start to flower within weeks and they flower non stop for at least 6 months.
I cut mine back by 50% at the end of January and then feed them with Tim’s Fast Food. They sprout fresh new growth and more flowers within weeks. We have Oasis Spreading Petunias in the seedling area.
You get 3 plants per punnet. They will cover 3 m2.

Jason Kearney comes into the nursery at least 3 times a week. He always brings a sandwich. Possibly ham and cheese ?
He owns a local business and he comes to our nursery to escape.
Jason is a keen gardener.
It started in his late 30’s he tells me. He had a suburban block in Bowral but it didn’t take long before his garden was full of plants. He has recently bought a house on one acre and he is quickly transforming it into an oasis.

Jason owns a glove business.
Do you sell gardening gloves?
“Yes, we sell all types of gloves but mainly for the construction and mining industry. They are cut resistant gloves.”

Do you wear gardening gloves?
“No I don’t”, he smiles.

Have you always sold gloves?
“No, I was a school teacher for a year but I was crap.”

You can’t have been that bad?
“I really was. But a mate asked me if I’d like to be a salesman selling protective clothing and gloves. That’s how it started.
We employ 12 people now”

Where do your gloves come from?
“China and Taiwan. I used to travel to China all the time but my business partner goes now.”

Did you play any sport?
The name Kearney sounds familiar.
“I played soccer, but I had an uncle who played football for St George. Ken Kearney.”

You’re not related to Todd by any chance?
“Nooooooo”. He laughs.

So what plants are you after today?
“I’m after more of those Oriental Pearls. I need another five.”

Jason lives in a cold place so he has to have frost resistant plants or they just drop dead.
I sold him a couple of Rhaphiolepis Oriental Pearls on Monday. I have them in my garden and they are super tough. They grow into a rounded shape as if they have been clipped and they have white flowers in spring.

Jason is in our Tim’s Garden Club and he famously used his card to scrape the ice from his windscreen and posted it on Facebook. The card does come in handy.
Jason will be back in a couple of days.
He’s a frequent flyer!
If you love gardening
Come and see us
We love gardening too!