Grow your own tomatoes! - Aug 24, 2018

Plant Tim’s Fruit Fly Resistant Tomato.

Dear gardening friends

Be careful when buying Cow Manure this spring. If the front of the bag says “Composted Cow Manure” it’s actually 75% Green Waste and only 25% Cow Manure.
If you’ve bought this inferior product you will notice that it full of bits of wood and it has no smell.

Cow Manure is full of nutrients and it makes your plants grow better. Green waste has little nutrient value and your plants can tell the difference.

Tim’s Cow Manure is real Cow Manure.
It’s not expensive, you can buy 4 bags for $26.00. Use it on your flower and veggie gardens. Top dress your pot plants too.
Use it around your Blueberry plant and Citrus trees. Use it on your Rose gardens.
It nurtures the soil and encourages earth worms to come and live in your garden.
It’s natures natural fertiliser!
Make the effort to come and see us.

Our Tomato Seedlings have started to arrive this week. If you like big tomatoes,then grow Tim’s Giant Tomato. Check out my photo.
These tomatoes only set one tomato per set of flowers. This makes them grow bigger. It’s a beef stake variety that has more flesh and less seeds.

If you want to grow a tomato that doesn’t get fruit fly, then plant our Tim’s Fruit Fly Resistant Tomato. You can let this tomato ripen on the vine and it’s as sweet as honey.
The fruit are apricot sized making them perfect for salads. This heirloom variety has a natural resistance to Fruit Fly.

Grow it in a pot using our Tim’s Best Potting Mix or grow it in your garden. Use a 1.8m high stake to support it. Don’t prune the side shoots. If you let it grow wild, you will get up to 50% more tomatoes.
This has been proven by Diggers!

Other Spring Vegetables will become available in the next couple of weeks.
Talk to Lisa in the seedling area if you need help.

Stanislaw wanted to talk to me yesterday. We met in the shade house and I asked him if he was lost. It turned out he was a bit lost. He’s recently been in a serious car accident and he’s also had a stroke.

The conversation was very disjointed and it started with “Listen to me, I’m a wrestler”. I have a habit of adding to a conversation to try and lighten it up but Stan wanted my attention.

“I survived Siberia”.
He wasn’t talking about going on a holiday. He grew up in Siberia. His mother and two sisters were sent there during the war.
His sisters didn’t survive.

Eventually he got back to Poland and it turns out he was The Middle Weight Wrestling Champion of Poland.

I sat down with Stan and googled him and then up came these stories about him.
He has written a book about his life.
He came to Australia with nothing.
He slept in a boat off Coogee Beach for the first night but then he was woken by fishermen and arrested.

He spent a short time in gaol while they worked out if he was a Russian Spy. He wasn’t of course, but if you sounded Russian in the 60s you were treated with suspicion.

He became physical education instructor at Newington College. He’s 82 now and retired, but he told me he has made a good living renovating houses. “I can do things” he told me.

When I Googled his name old photos came up of Stan posing for Wrestling. There was a photo of him saying goodbye to his mother at the station in Poland when he was leaving for Australia. He couldn’t understand how these photos could be on the web. “Who put these there?” he kept asking me. At one point he started to cry.
I don’t know mate.
I didn’t go to Newington.
I went to Macquarie Boys High.
It cost $12.00 a year.
Stan thinks about this for a long time then he laughs.

Pig’s famous VW bug got nicked out of our carpark garden last week. Pig won Bathurst in this car and I would love to get it back.
If you see it in your neighbours place let us know. It doesn’t have a steering wheel.
It belonged to my brothers son Liam so it’s got sentimental value to me.

We have been working hard filling our nursery up with spring plants this week.
You will love seeing all the flowers.
Come see.
P.S I’ve banned browsing.
We like buying better.
And so will you!
Happy gardening