Bring back your empty pots please - Aug 17, 2018

A sprinkler you can run over in your car?

Dear gardening friends

Great news last week, we raised $750.00 for The African AIDS Foundation in Camden.

Cecilia Denniss won our Vintage Pot Collection. It turns out she is a regular customers and they are just starting to give their garden a spring make over, so the pots and plants were warmly welcomed.

Some sad news this week, with Simon announcing he is leaving us to take up a dream job at Mt Annan Botanic Gardens.

If you know Simon, then you will know that he’s a native nut. He has over 80 Grevilleas in his suburban garden.

Simon has always been here, I’ve watched him grow up. I don’t remember him ever chucking a sickie.
He’s a Mr Fix it too.
He can get the computer going, he can get the mower working.
He can take a motor out of a car.
He owns a Torana, so just as well.

He’s been here so long he says he’s heard all my stories. I’ve heard all his too.
Simon’s story’s always start with a title.
“I’ve been to Costco” was one of his longest stories. You heard about that one.

I’ve employed 100s of people in 35 years of business. Some have gone to The Botanic Gardens like Simon. Some are working at Golf Courses. Some are driving trucks.
I’ll miss Simon, he’s leaving tomorrow.
Drop in and say goodbye.

We are growing more young Horticulturists who are here to help you.

We’ve got some Tomato seedlings this week. Don’t plant them, unless you are going to cover them up at night.

Don’t plant, basil, cucumbers or Capsicum yet. Wait until the night time temperature heats up, or the plants will probably die.

Spend this weekend getting your garden prepared. Dig in Tim’s Cow Manure with a dressing of Tims Fast Food Fertiliser.
Cover with Sugar Cane and water well.

Wait a couple of weeks before planting.
You can plant seeds now, and our seed stand has been updated with spring/summer seeds.

It’s so dry we’ve started to water our lawn.
We sell the famous Dome Sprinkler for just $9.99. You can run over this metal sprinkler with your car and it will probably still work.

We are watering our lawn once a week for 30 minutes with the Dome Sprinkler.
This deep watering works so much better than hosing. Come and get one.

Some customers make me smile.
James came in yesterday wearing a tie that sparkled in the sunshine.
I love your tie James was my opening line.
“Do you know where I get them?” Macarthur Square?
“No I get them from Spotlight. They come in Silver, red and blue, you should get one”
Not everyone can wear a tie like that James.

James was a Visual Merchandiser at David Jones. He was responsible for some of those amazing shop window displays at the George St Store. He taught at TAFE too.

He is retired now, and he is a keen gardener. He grows most of his plants in pots. I’ve seen a photo. It looks amazing.
As you’d expect, It’s all beautifully arranged.

James and his wife have fallen in love with Cruises. They have been on 18.
James knows all about the boats.
He’s a cruise ship expert.
He loves the night life.

What’s your favourite cruise ever?
He thinks about this question for a long time. “Explorer of the seas” by Caribbean Tours. You should go on it, you would love it”

You must be rich.
“No we are not rich, we pay them off a little bit every week. We go on one cruise a year, we book three at a time. When we’ve paid for one we go.

My wife has only just retired. She spent 4 hours a day travelling to work on a train.”

I think you’re a bit hyperactive, aren’t you James. “I go to bed at around 6pm and I wake up at 2am then I go to Macdonald’s for breakfast. I have a Bacon and Egg McMuffin. The girls are lovely to me there. I’m a regular”.

James sounds like a very fancy name, what’s your wife call you? “Jimmy”
I think you’re a James. Stand in the shade so I can take your photo. We will have to get out of the sun with a tie like that.

We took several photos.
James helped me pick the best one.

I was watching Gardening Australia on Friday and they were talking about how the nursery Industry has started pot recycling. The pots are collected from nurseries, taken to a factory, that chops them up, then this is used to make new pots.

Great idea but we’ve had a pot recycling bin in our nursery for 20 years. It’s a take or donate system. We never have to take the pots away. They don’t get recycled, they get reused by the public. It saves so much energy and it just makes sense.

If you’ve got old pots sitting around, bring them down today. Our system is so successful our bin is empty.

If you need help in the garden.
Come and see us
Happy gardening