Sick of your indoor plants dripping - Aug 03, 2018

What’s the best indoor plant on the planet?

For years now I’ve been admiring a property called Mt Gilead. This 1,000 acre property runs from Appin Rd to the Nepean River. There is much confusion because there is a retirement village with the same name next door.
I got to explore this property on Saturday and it is spectacular. The original Sandstone House dates back to the 1800s. There is a mill on the hill,and you can still see the furrow marks on the western facing paddock below. Although it’s a working cattle farm there are thousands of trees on the property. Most are habitat trees with hollows that are used by nesting birds.
Koalas use these trees to make their way to the Nepean River. The soil here is unbelievable. It’s basalt. Apparently it spewed out of the ground from a nearby,now inactive volcano, millions of years ago. Despite the drought, the grass was thick and still surprisingly green.
A developer has bought the property and 4200 houses are to be built along Appin Rd.
Once this happens then the rest of the land could be developed in the future too.
This land was owned by the Macarthur Onslow Family who are direct descendants of John Macarthur. It seems such a shame to see such beautiful fertile land to be used for housing. You may think it’s a good idea because these homeowners will have beautiful gardens but in reality the 350m2 blocks will leave almost no room for foliage.
If it is to be developed, let’s hope the developer is made to plan the estate around the existing forests. Let’s hope they leave room for the Koalas, birds and animals. Developers and local councils around Macarthur have let us down so far. Lendlease is developing this one. Let’s hope they are different.

Dave Morgan just came in looking at roses. He lives in a ground floor unit so he grows all his plants in pots. He likes mini roses, because they are better in pots than the taller growing varieties.
Dave caught my attention because of his shorts and tattoos. He had an English accent so I asked him when he came to Australia?
“5th of February 1970”
He rattled it off just like that!
I’ll never forget that Dave says.
He grew up on a farm in Sussex.
He came to Australia when he was just 19. When he left he knew he was never going back.
He was tough in his youth.
Thus the tattoos. He got his first when he was just 17.
How many do you have? Oh I don’t know, between 60 to 70.
I’ve got them up both arms and on my back and down my legs.
Do you have regrets?
“No, I love them”
Were you in a Bikie Gang?
He laughs. I’ve never been to gaol and I wasn’t a sailor either.
He came to Australia with The Big Brother Movement. They helped young blokes who wanted to come out to Australia.
They found Dave a job at The Rotolactor in Menangle.
“We used to milk up to 1000 Cows twice a day he quips.
When ever I mention this people always talk about the milkshakes he laughs.
What was your favourite flavour?
He thinks about this for a long time. I think it was Strawberry.
Dave looks so tough but he shows me photos of his Garden. He’s got a collection of Zygo Cactus In hanging baskets.
“The white ones my favourite”.
He’s got Azaleas in pots, he’s got a window box full of Pansies in full bloom. He’s got a couple of empty pots where he’s going to plant our Fruit Fly Resistant Tomatoes he tells me.
And what about the tee shirt mate? what’s that about? do you like beer?
He bursts out laughing.
What a question to ask me, do I like beer? I love beer, I’m a bloke. I shake his hand. I’ve made a friend.

Wow I’m loving these new wicker baskets for indoor plants. They have just arrived in our nursery. They look fantastic.
You simply sit your plant in the basket.
It contains a pot, to stop the water dripping on your carpets.

Indoor plants are back in fashion and so are wicker baskets. This is taking me back to the 80s when I worked at an indoor plant shop in Hornsby.

In those days customers had no idea that plants removed dangerous toxins from the air. They had indoor plants because it made the rooms look beautiful. We have the best selection of indoor plants.

The plant in the photo is a Kentia Palm.
This Australian Native is sold around the world. It grows wild on Lord Howe Island.
The seeds are exported around the world because it’s the best indoor plant on the planet!

Gardeners often buy Alexander or Bangalow Palms to use as indoor plants. These are great in your garden but they are hopeless indoor plants. People buy these Palms because they are so much cheaper than Kentia Palms. Often less than half price. But there is no comparison.

The indoor plant hire industry uses Kentia Palms because they have found that they stay alive and look good longer.
So part with your money.

Customers are asking for tomato seedlings already. You can plant seeds now, but don’t plant seedlings. They will be dead the next morning if we get a frost. I’ll let you know when it’s time to plant. Prepare your garden now by digging in Tim’s Cow Manure then mulch with Sugarcane and let it rest.

Come and see us. We have lots of plants that love this cold weather.
Happy gardening