Easy Christmas Gifts! - Dec 22, 2017

Free gift wrapping!

There’s only 3 days before Christmas but there is no need to panic just yet. You can park your car in our carpark and do all your shopping within minutes. We even have free potting and gift wrapping which makes life so much easier for you.

Bob and Glenda Norman dropped in yesterday. They are Macarthur newbies having just moved into Wivenhoe Village in Cobbitty. Glenda noticed that a bunch of NSW Christmas Bush was $20.00 at her local florist so she said to Bob “We could buy a NSW Christmas Bush shrub for not much dearer than that and grow our own flowers”. So yesterday they called in all dressed up to make a purchase. Glenda talked Bob into buying two plants seeing they were saving so much money!
We still have about 40 plants left but don’t leave it to the last minute.

Flamingos are back in stock. What a sales sensation. I am so sorry if you keep missing out, but we have been getting two deliveries a week and we’ve never seen anything sell like this. Simply sit an indoor plant in the planter and it’s an instant gift!
Planters cost just $7.99 and $19.99.

Indoor plants are back in fashion for Christmas gifts and it’s about time.
They don’t just look great, they remove dangerous toxins from the air and help improve your mental health too.
They are highly collectable and easy to grow. Some of our customers have up to 100 indoor plants. It must be like a jungle!

I spotted this Fiddle Leaf Fig growing in the city last week and it looks so spectacular. We forget sometimes that indoor plants are actually outdoor plants that thrive in the shade. This one was thriving on a shady patio. We sell these as indoor plants.
They make great gifts and they are under $40.00. Pot them up, and they will grow up like this one in no time. Ficus are one of the toughest indoor plants on the planet.
We can gift wrap one for you for free.

If you want to make a herb garden in a pot or a mini garden with indoor plans simply buy the pot and plants and Hayden will plant them up for you. He planted up a suit case for a Lady last week and she shared it on our Facebook page because she was so happy. Size does matter, so we can only repot smaller pots for free.

Frangipani trees are flowering around Macarthur and we have 30 varieties in the nursery now. If you are a collector of these amazing perfumed trees or shrubs come and see us. We have the ever popular red flowering variety called “Black Jack”. It’s a beauty. These make nice gifts too and they can be grown in pots or in your garden.
You can actually plant 2 Frangipani in the one big pot for a “perfumed floral extravaganza”. Wow.
Plants cost $29.99 or buy 2 for $50.00.

We are closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day.
Thank you for all your support this year.
We are a small business in a competitive market and it’s so nice to see so many customers supporting us every week.
We are not the cheapest but we do like to help you choose products that will work and plants that will grow in our area.
I have lovely staff who always turn up with a smile. We love plants. This is not just a job.

Have a great Christmas with your family.
If you don’t have family take a bottle of wine next door and make friends with a neighbour. Keep walking up the street if the first ones not home. The walk will do you great and you just might meet a friend for life!

Pig’s gone on holidays!
He needed a break.

Happy gardening
Merry Christmas