Will your house smell like Christmas. - Nov 24, 2017

Christmas trees are coming!

I can’t believe how quickly this year went.
We are about to sell Christmas trees again.
I had a phone call from Robbie, our Christmas tree farmer, to tell me his trees have never looked better. Robbie is a typical farmer so things could always be better, but this year he is giving them the thumbs up!!!!!!!

Our trees come from the Southern Highlands so it’s the perfect growing conditions. The trees are always full of juice and this is what makes them stay fresh for so long. We will have up to 100 trees to choose from next Saturday and Sunday.
Come early for the best selection
We have Cino Christmas trees stands available too. Bring an old sheet so we can help you wrap up your tree to keep your car clean. Trees cost $65.00.

If you love Frangipani come and see us.
This week we have been busy Potting up over 40 varieties including the ever popular red flowering types. We get these delivered direct from Darwin so we cut out the middle man. Plants cost just $29.99 or buy 2 for $50.00. We sell them in two’s because some people like to plant two colours in the one big pot. This gives you more colour and even more sweet fragrance. Come and check them out. We have the biggest selection in Sydney!!!!!

Frangipani grow best up against a northern or western facing brick wall. This keeps them warm in winter and helps them survive the cold. Once you get them established they will take the cold.
If you’re growing them in pots use our Tim’s Best Potting Mix for best results.

Silvia Sargent came into the nursery this week looking for some special plants. She had a walking stick so I told her to sit in the Fler lounge while I went looking for her plants. When I came back I discovered Silvia reading Pig a book. Pig failed English at school. He failed at lot of other subjects too but that hasn’t stopped him from becoming famous. He recently had to resign from Parliament after discovering that he actually had dual citizenship. Pig was made in Vietnam!!!! He was Minister for transport despite having a VW with no steering wheel or brakes!

I have a lovely crop of Cucumbers in my garden. The boys have been having these home grown crunchy cucumbers in their sandwiches this week. You still have time to grow these beauties too. I like the Lebanese Cucumbers the best. Pick them small and enjoy. Grow your Cucumbers in a big pot using Tim’s Best Potting Mix if you don’t have a veggie patch. We have seedlings at the nursery.

We are having great success with the Sunpatiens in our nursery gardens. You may have noticed the Electric Orange variety growing on the corner. It’s so bright!!! We’ve discovered that Sunpatiens grow better if they only get morning sun.
They flower non stop thru Spring, Summer and Autumn before having a rest. If your gardens not too frosty they survive to flower the following spring.
These colourful plants look great in big pots on patios for Christmas colour.
They even make inexpensive Christmas gifts. They only cost $16.99.

We have so much colour here, so come and see us, to brighten up your garden on Christmas Day. The relies are coming.
Bob help us!

NSW Christmas Bush have arrived!
They look spectacular. Check out the red Christmas bells.
Happy gardening