Rain saves the day! - Oct 20, 2017

Turn your lawn from brown to green!

Dear gardening friends
I thought we were going to miss out on Spring this year. It hadn’t rained for so long, the country had turned brown. Today’s rain is going to fix that.Macarthur will be transformed from brown to green.

If you are off work today, rush down to our nursery and buy yourself a bag of Tim’s Rapid Results Lawn Food. This fast acting Fertiliser always works better when you spread it when it’s raining. It’s safe to use on all types of grass including Soft Leaf Buffalo. It has 21% Nitrogen so it turns your grass bright bright green!!!!
Your neighbours will be green with envy.

If you’ve got Bindii in your lawn then this will make your grass grow over the top of it.
The kids and your dog will be able to play in the back yard again. If you can’t get it today, pick up a bag on the weekend.
This modern fertiliser is worth the drive.
It’s turbo charged. The 4kg bag will treat 260m2 of grass. It contains a wetting agent so it gets down to the roots fast.

If you haven’t fertilised your garden yet then pick up a bag of Organic Life. This pelletized Organic Fertiliser is used by the Botanic Gardens in Sydney. It’s safe for most plants in your garden. Great for roses and citrus. Use it on your flower and veggie garden. Fertilise trees and shrubs too.

If you’ve got hedges growing, this Fertiliser will make them grow faster and thicker.
Use it on all your outdoor pot plants too.
It has a fragrance that says “country”.
It only lasts for a day or so and then your plants will take off?
A big 20kg bag costs just $24.99.
We will put it in the boot for you!

Our roses are looking amazing at the moment. I took this photo of The Macarthur Rose growing in our carpark Garden. This bright red rose has more petals than other roses. It’s petalicious!

The roses are enormous. They are on long stems so they are perfect for picking. Flowers can last up to 10 days in a vase. That’s amazing. The foliage is lush and green and disease resistant.

We have beautiful potted plants covered in buds and blooms for just $29.99.
We have sold over 4,000 “Macarthur Roses” so it must be good.
We can gift wrap one for you. They make amazing floral gifts and they are cheaper than a bunch of flowers!!!!

Sad news this week with Campbelltown Council having to remove two mature gum trees from Mawson Park. These Eucalyptus citriodora would be over 50 years old.
Cockatoos have been sitting up in the branches and they remove the bark while sharpening their beaks. They expose the bare wood to the sun and this dries out the timber causing it to split. These branches then fall from the trees during storms.

If the trees were in gardens then they may have been able to be saved but the path ran beside one tree so it had to go and the other tree often has people sleeping under it.

The beautiful lemon fragrance usually fills my senses with delight but yesterday morning when I walked past the tree loppers were in Mawson Park and that same fragrance filled me with dread.

Council has offered to replace these trees x 2 with Super advanced natives that will be more suitable.

But why have the Cockatoos only just turned up now to destroy the trees?
I was wondering if they are smart enough to be doing this on purpose? Are they trying to make the branches fall to make nesting hollows. An Arborist laughed at this suggestion.

Thousands of nesting trees have been removed recently from Oran Park and Gregory Hills. The birds are moving into suburbia looking for nesting sites.

I’ve noticed the developers are removing all the trees. They are planting more, but these trees won’t have nesting hollows for 80 years or more.

Camden’s Mayor was recently quoted saying “it wouldn’t be fair to expect developers to work around the existing trees”. I don’t think it’s unfair. I think it just makes sense. If there is a grove of trees, keep them. Make this the park. Plan the estate around the trees. This keeps the natural habitat.

Why are humans houses more important than nature? Surely the houses would be worth more if they overlook nature. There will be less mental health issues too.

If your looking for a small tree for your garden then check out this Native Frangipani. This fast growing evergreen tree is the perfect size for today’s courtyard sized gardens. It grows 6 metres high by 3 metres wide. It has these Fragrant yellow and white flowers in spring.

There is a beauty growing just outside Campbelltown Council. Take your nose down for a sniff. We have nice trees in the nursery for just $24.99.

Get out in the garden this weekend and make the most of this beautiful life giving rain. Come and see us if you need help.
Happy gardening