Smell that Grass! - Feb 08, 2010

Every afternoon as I drive down my street I can here the sound of lawn mowers. I can also smell that fresh cut grass. Lawns have done it tough since the drought started in 2003 and most people gave up on the “perfect lawn dream”. But with the rain, lawns come back so quickly and with a bit of added fertiliser now, and a lot of lawn mowing, the perfect lawn dream could become reality.

Perhaps you have forgotten how satisfying mowing a lawn can be. It’s equivalant to going for a 5km run or doing an aerobics workout at the gym except you get to smell the grass. You will loose weight and save money on gym fees. A freshly mown lawn makes your house look loved again too, and it tells people you care.

Mowing your lawn will also help prevent grass flees from breeding. These tiny black insects bite your legs as you walk across the lawn. They can also end up in your house. They love the humidity that long wet grass provides so get mowing or find someone to give you a scratch.

While you’re mowing your lawn it’s a good time to see what plants need replacing in your garden. The dead ones will be much easier to spot now that everything living is green. Don’t buy the same variety that has just died. It’s time to move on and buy plants that are better suited to dry conditions. Visit your local garden centre and get advice from a qualified horticulturist. They know which plants are tough so use their expertise.

Tim Pickles is a CNP horticulturist and director of Tim’s Garden Centre 2 Queen St Campbelltown 46267022.