Bringing Birds To Your Garden - Feb 13, 2008

When I first built my house there was only one tree on the property.The only birds I ever saw were Cockies, Parrots and Magpies.These made their nests each year in the old Gum tree.

There were no little birds like Wrens , Finches and Willy Wagtails. I planted hedges around the boundaries of the land to give me privacy from the neighbours and protection from the westerly winds. I planted native plants where possible including Waterhousia floribunda and a Lillypilly called Goodbye Neighbours. These hedging plants grow very fast and I clip them often with a Tanaka Hedge Trimmer.

Over time the hedge has become a thick wall of foliage 2.5 Metres high by 1.2 metres wide. As the hedge became thicker I noticed more and more little birds began to live in my garden.They were building their nests inside the thick hedge as it provided protection from predatory birds, Cats and Goannas. These little birds are the ones who feed on insects and I often see Wrens searching for Caterpillars in my vegetable garden.

Now my garden is home to at least 50 birds plus thousands of Frogs and Blue tongue lizards.

So if you love birds and privacy plant a fast growing hedge and you can have both.

Tim Pickles is a Horticulturist and Director of Tim's Garden Centre 2 Queen St Campbelltown 46267022