Is your garden life less? - Aug 25, 2017

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The white spring blossom of Manchurian Pear Trees can be seen in gardens around Macarthur. These super hardy deciduous trees thrive in our horrible clay soils. There is a variety available to suit every sized garden.

When you stand under one of these spectacular flowering trees you can hear the bees buzzing above. Manchurian Pear trees flower for a month then the lush green spring leaves will appear. These shiny green leaves will shade your house and cool your garden all summer long.

In autumn the leaves change colour. You will love the spectacular autumn colours.
In winter the leaves fall off to allow the winter sun to shine in, to warm your house and garden.

Our favourite varieties are Pyrus Capital and Pyrus Chanticleer. Both these varieties are suitable for small suburban gardens. We have nice plants from $39.99.

Remove the lower branches as they grow, so you can walk underneath them. This makes them look smarter and it also allows the sunshine in, so your grass continues to grow. If you are planting a tree this weekend, mix a bag of IGC Planting Compost into your soil. This contains a slow release fertiliser, wetting agent, seaweed and Compost. It will make your tree grow faster. Mulch around the base with Woodchip or Sugar Cane and water twice weekly to get it started.

Beulah Midson might be over 90 but she is still a mover and a shaker! Beulah's husband has recently moved into the Mary MacKillop Hostel at Carrington Hospital.
She goes and feeds him every day and she noticed that the hostels garden was "life less". "There were no birds in the garden and nobody was using the outside courtyard".

Beulah loves plants and she ran a small nursery over 50 years ago. She wrote a letter to Graham Ross of Better Homes and Gardens hoping they might like to landscape the garden. Graham loved her letter and sent it to me asking if we could help?
Dan and I went out to take a look.
The first person we met was lost, and couldn't remember where she lived?
Then we found Beulah.
She's a V8 and still firing on all cylinders. She had a garden plan with a list of preferred plants. She wanted Grevilleas and other bird attracting plants. She wanted a bird bath too.
Beulah's wish came true. We planted bird attracting Grevilleas and Correas.
As I was spreading the mulch an old withered hand, holding a trowel, danced across the garden. Beulah's hands haven't forgotten how to garden.
She pots up Geraniums and other plants that get sold at the office to help raise money so they can do more gardening.
"I'm doing this for all the oldies here" says Beulah. "I want them to get out in the garden and see the birds".
The world needs more Beulah's!

If your wondering what to buy your dad for Fathers Day we can help. We are selling our famous $50.00 gift cards for just $40.00.
Buy one for your dad and get one for yourself too. It's a 20% discount and you can use the card in spring to buy your Tomato seedlings and lawn food.
Conditions apply see store for details.

It's been hot and cold this week so it's still to early to plant tomatoes. Prepare your garden this weekend by digging Tim's Cow Manure into your soil. Add some Tim's Fast Food too then cover with Sugar Cane and water well.

Yes Tim's Fast Food is back in stock.
This amazing fertiliser comes from Germany. It turns your yellow plants green again within days. It's perfect for Gardenias, Camellias, Citrus, Roses, Flowers and Vegetables. Use it on all your potted plants inside and out too. It will feed your plants for 3 months. It costs just $17.99.
Karyn uses it on our flower beds and we use it in the nursery.

Pig has been seduced by a long legged Coles Trolley. Bob's not happy!

Come and see us if you need help in the garden.
Happy gardening