6 x Strawberry plants for $7.95! - Jul 21, 2017

Fresh Rhubarb and Cream for desert?

Dear gardening friends

I was driving down Alpha Road in Camden this morning and spotted this spectacular garden that was full of winter colour. Once upon a time almost every house in the street would have had flowers growing like this. Now it is so rare to see, people stop and take photos.

The topiary plants were all neatly trimmed and the owner had planted Camelot Snap Dragons, White Alyssum and Violas too. You could tell that this garden was loved.
Flowers really do make your house feel like a home, so take a look at your garden and see if you can plant some colour somewhere.

During the week I did a delivery of Goodbye Neighbour plants to Glenbrook which is up in the Blue mountains. I noticed the street was full of beautiful trees, It had a lovely feel. When I walked up to the customers front door, I noticed this spectacular flowering Slipper Orchid growing in a pot.

When the customer came to the door I asked him if he would mind if I took a photo of his Orchid. "I can do better than that" he said. "Wait here and I'll split up a plant for you, so you can grow it yourself"
Gardeners are incredibly generous people. This is how plants have been spread around the country and around the world. Now I have a new plant too. We have never sold Slipper Orchids but they seem like they are very easy to grow. It must get cold in Glenbrook but that didn't worry this Orchid.

If you want to grow Strawberries this year then now is the best time to buy them. We have 6x Strawberry Crowns for just $7.95.
That's only $1.30 each.
Potted Strawberry plants cost $4.50 so these are amazing value.

Strawberry Crowns are adult plants that are sold bare rooted in a pack. Simply plant them in pots or grow them in your garden. Prepare the soil first by digging in Cow Manure. Plant the Strawberry Crowns about 20 cms apart. They will fruit in late spring. You can't beat home grown Strawberries.
They are so sweet.

Do you remember going to your grandmas place and eating stewed Rhubarb and Cream for desert? In those days granny grew her own Rhubarb and that's why it tasted so delicious.

You can grow Rhubarb in big pots using Tim's Best Potting Mix. We have Rhubarb Crowns in the nursery now. These are adult plants that will produce thick stemmed Rhubarb this spring and summer.

The best variety is called "Red Dragon". This has those really red stems that we all love. Plants are cheap at just $12.99. You can plant it in your garden too. Simply prepare the soil by digging in Tim's Cow Manure. Water twice weekly and watch it take off.

Talking about water it's very very dry at the moment. We haven't had any rain all winter. You don't notice it's dry because it's winter so everything looks brown. If you own a sprinkler get it out and start watering your garden.

If you've got Wettasoil treat your pots and garden beds now. I even treated my indoor plants last week. Wettasoil removes the oily barrier and allows your soil to accept water again. It's a great product and we stock it.

I noticed our Daphne plants are starting to bloom this week. Daphne is famous around the world because of its highly perfumed pink and white flowers. It grows best in a big pot in a morning sun position. If you have good drainage it can be grown in the garden.

Sometimes when I tell people that plants need good drainage they think I mean that plants have to be planted on a slope. What I really mean is the plants have to be planted on a raised bed of Compost improved soil.
If you love perfumed flowers come and check out our Daphne odora.

Short and sweet this week because I have to take Dan to music lessons.

Come and see us if you need help in the garden. Happy gardening