Our roses are looking for noses! - Jun 30, 2017

We've pruned the price by 25%

Dear gardening friends

It was so cold here this week poor Pig has been dreaming about a warm oven!
I hope it's warmer at your place.

Our new Release Roses arrived last Friday and Simon and Hayden got them all potted and now they are ready for you!

We have almost 2,000 roses in the nursery now, so if you're a Rose lover, bring your nose to our nursery and sniff out a bargain.
We are taking 25% off Roses this weekend.

We often get asked for mini roses. These are smaller growing Rose plants that have cute little flowers and they are more suitable for pots. They are hard to come by these days, and when you do find them in chainstores they are often covered in Two Spotted Mites. The nurseries that grow mini roses often grow them in glass houses or poly houses and this creates the perfect conditions for Mites to thrive.

We have a New Release Mini Rose called "Dwarf Fairy". This variety has been bred in Germany for its disease resistance. It hasn't been grown in a glasshouse. It's been grown in the ground, in Victoria, and it has won numerous awards. It only grows 50 cms high and it has beautiful bright red flowers for 9 months of the year!

It's perfect for pots, or grow it in your garden as a border plant, and you will enjoy a profusion of double red fragrant blooms throughout the warmer months.

Because it's a new release, supply is limited, so come this weekend so you get your discount and you get this exclusive Rose. "Dwarf Fairy" costs $29.99.

One of my favourite new releases from last year is this hybrid tea called "Sunny Sky".
This Rose was also bred in Germany by Kordes Rose Nursery. It has long stemmed perfectly formed roses that last for ages in a vase, and it has amazing perfume. The pink and yellow blooms will delight you throughout the warmer months.
"Sunny Sky" has won awards around the world and now you can have this bodacious beauty in your garden too. Plants cost $29.99 less 25% off this weekend.

If you love perfumed roses, but don't have room for the taller growing hybrid tea roses, we have a New Release Floribunda called "Summer Romance". This Rose only grows one metre high and gets covered in these old world double blooms. It's highly fragrant so your nose will be happy all summer long.
It looks blue in this photo but it's actually pink.

If you love perfumed roses come and see us. We specialise in fragrant roses and we have picked the best selection from three of the best Rose growers in Australia. We have David Austin Roses too!

Remember when you're planting roses in your garden "do not" fertilise them with Rose Food. This is the quickest way to kill a Rose bush. If you want to have success prepare your soil by digging Tim's Cow Manure into your soil. This is real Cow Manure.

The sheds are selling Composted Cow Manure. This is 25% Cow Manure and 75% Green waste. That's why the bag is full of sticks, has no smell, and it looks like Potting Mix.

It's time to prune your roses. I pruned ours last week. While I was pruning one of our customers stopped to tell me that her husband prunes her roses in the second week in July. This always makes me smile.

Horticulture was full of crap like this until Don Burke turned up 30 years ago.
He showed the public that you could prune roses at all times of the year and you could even use a chain saw!!!!!

The new Release Roses we are selling in the nursery got pruned and dug up in May.
So it doesn't matter when you prune them. But if you do it now, you will be rewarded with fresh new growth in spring with more flowers.

Once you've pruned them, spray the plants with Lime Sulphur. This kills any Scale insects on the stems and helps to control Black spot spores over wintering on the ground. Come and see us for pruning supplies.

It's a great time to come and see us because we are bursting at the seams with New Season Fruit Trees and Roses.
Talk to our Horticulturists for the best advice.

Happy gardening