Fresh cut Xmas Trees this weekend! - Dec 02, 2016

Dear Gardening Friends,
We have over 200 fresh cut Christmas trees arriving this weekend. Come early if you want to choose the perfect tree. We have Christmas tree stands available too. Trees cost $65.00 and they come fresh from the farm in the Southern Highlands. Trees will be available from 8.30am. Bring an old sheet and we will help you wrap up your tree to keep your car clean. Follow our easy care leaflet for instructions on how to keep your tree looking fresh for Christmas. Take a photo of your decorated tree and post it on our Facebook page for a chance to win a prize.

If you love the sweet perfume of Frangipani then come and see us. We have 20 varieties including new releases. We have potted them all on into bigger pots using Tim's Best Potting mix. This will make them grow so much faster over summer. Plants cost $29.99 or buy 2 for $50.00.

Frangipanis grow best up against a north or western facing brick wall. The wall heats up during the day and creates a micro climate that helps protect the plants from the winter cold. They also grow well in big pots on sunny patios. Put two varieties in the one pot for a floral feast over Christmas.
We have a dwarf Frangipani called Darwin Petite Pink. This evergreen variety has smaller leaves and a more compact shape making it perfect for smaller gardens.

Curry Leaf trees have arrived this week. If you love making curries then they will taste even better when you use fresh curry leaves from your own tree. Murraya koenigii is native to India and Sri Lanka but it grows well in Macarthur gardens too. When planted in the ground it can grow 4 metres high by 2 metres wide. It can be grown in a big pot using Tim's Best Potting mix too!
Plants cost $29.99 and they always sell fast.

Paw paw trees are selling fast. These narrow growing small trees grow well up against brick walls too. We have the bisexual varieties so you only need to plant one tree to get fruit. But we do have red and gold fruiting varieties so you might like to grow both. Plant on a mound of IGC Planting Compost improved soil to have success.
If you just dig a hole in the clay they will never grow. Paw paw plants are just $15.99.

Lawns are turning yellow due to the dry weather. It's interesting how it dries out in patches first. Some Gardeners think that their lawn must be getting eaten by curl grubs. What happens is the soil gets so dry it becomes hydrophobic. If it doesn't rain then the grass in these patches dies.
You can help fix this problem by treating your lawn with Wettasoil. Then get your sprinkler out of the shed and start using it. Hand watering is almost useless when it's this dry.

Because it is so dry you need to remulch your gardens with Wood chip or Sugar cane.
Mulches shade your soil and help stop up to 80% of the ground water from evaporating. Mulch around your pot plants too.
Wettasoil all your pot plants to help them survive this heatwave.

You still have time to transform your garden for Christmas using potted colour. Petunias add a splash of colour and make your garden look loved. They look fantastic planted in pots and hanging baskets too. They do need to be watered daily for at least 3 weeks to get them started but they are worth the effort. Potted colour is only 4 for $12.00. You will be amazed how a splash of colour here and there makes such a difference.

Pig's gone into hiding this week as ham season arrives. Poor pig counts his legs every day leading up to Christmas.

If you love the smell of Christmas trees come and visit us this weekend. We have $50.00 Christmas Gift Cards for just $40.00.
Buy a few for yourself and you can go on a gardening frenzy after Christmas.

Happy Gardening