Easy Christmas Colour for pots! - Nov 11, 2016

Dear Gardening Friends,

We have so much colour in the nursery this week.
Every week Simon finds new plants to tickle your fancy.
We got a tip off about an exciting new plant called Dipladenia Citrine.
You probably know them as Brazilian Jasmine, they have been popular pot plants for about 20 years now and they are proven performers that just seem to never stop flowering.
They have been available in pink, red and white but now we have a bright yellow flowering variety too. The flowers are much bigger than the others varieties and more open. The glossy green leaves are the perfect back drop for the bright yellow flower. This plant will really give your sunny patio a tropical floral pop! Plants cost just $18.99 and we only have a few this week.
Dipladenias grow better in pots than in the ground and use Tim’s Best Potting Mix to get the best results.

Sun Patiens are colourful plants that are perfect for pots or gardens. These New Guinea Impatiens are more sun tolerant than previous varieties but we still think they grow better when they get protection from the late afternoon sun.
We trialled these free flowering plants in our carpark garden last spring and they flowered non-stop for at least 9 months. They have survived the winter and after a hard prune they are now starting to flower again. wrapped and they are inexpensive gifts for friends leading up to Christmas.They come in a variety of tropical looking colours and the flowers just seem to be bigger. Grow them in pots or gardens where they get the morning sun and they will add so much Christmas colour. These plants look fabulous and make a great gift

If you have ever been to Europe you will know that they love growing Geraniums in pots and hanging baskets. We don’t use them as much in Australia but they grow so well here and they survive dry weather so why don’t we plant them more? New varieties now flower more than ever before, and they have been bred to stay more compact too.
“Eclipse Geraniums” have bigger flowers too. I took two home during the week to add some Christmas Colour to some of my pots that are in sunny spots.These Geraniums will flower for at least 9 months, then I will prune them, feed them with Tim’s Fast Food and they will flower again. We have heaps to choose from at the moment. Red is always my favourite colour but we have pink and white flowering varieties too.

Talking about Christmas, we have the best NSW Christmas Bush ever this year. We have found a new grower from up near Newcastle who just knows how to grow the best plants. They are at least 1.2 metres high and covered in those tiny red Christmas bells. This Aussie Native makes the perfect flowering Christmas gift and plants cost just $29.99. They cheaper than a bunch of flowers from the florist and better value too. If you are planting one in your garden prepare the soil with some Native Potting Mix to give them extra drainage and a perfect start. They can be grown in large pots using Native Potting Mix. Prune them to size every year after flowering. Some people give bunches of flowers away as Christmas gifts.

If you are a rose lover then you will know that it is hard to find plants that can be grown between your roses. Competition from shrub roots, causes your rose bushes to struggle. We have a ground cover rose here called “Baroque” that grows 1.2 metres wide by just 60cms high. It has these bunches of lavender pink flowers for 9 months of the year. It’s an award winning rose that nobody has heard of. We have 30 plants covered in flowers now for just $21.00 each. Plant these between your roses and they will grow and flower without stopping your established roses from performing.

If you have Citrus trees growing in pots or gardens then keep an eye out for this stinky pest called a Bronze Orange Bug. This Stink Bug sucks the nutrients out of your fruit and causes them to drop off. They stink like hell so try not to disturb them. They can be orange , green or bronze in colour. Pestoil and Eco oil have no effect on the adult bugs so you will need to spray your tree with “Conquer” or Nature’s Way Citrus and Ornamental Spray. Spray your trees just on dusk so you don’t kill bees. This is very important because we need the bees. Come and see us for both these products.
If you spray your Citrus trees regularly with Pestoil or Eco oil then you are less likely to get Stink Bugs as these sprays control the juveniles.

We have a new range of Fuchsias called Jollies Nantes. Crazy dumb name for these amazing new Fuchsias that are more sun tolerant than other varieties and they just get way more flowers. Check out the buds and flowers on this plant! Fuchsias are great in pots or hanging baskets where they get the morning sun. They grow better if they are not under a roof as this causes the plants to get attacked by Two Spotted Mites during summer. If your plants are looking a bit sick then spray them with Yates Rose Shield. This fantastic product controls pests and diseases. It’s not just for roses!
Come and check out these new Fuchsias. I think you will love them.

If you are looking for an indoor plant to remove toxins from the air inside your house we have some beautiful Kentia Palms at the moment. This Australian Native palm comes from Lord Howe Island and it is the most widely used indoor plant by the plant hire industry because it is so easy to grow. Kentia palms are so graceful looking in your house and they make the air cleaner too. You need at least 6 indoor plants in your house to remove the dangerous toxins given off by plastics, paints, carpets and computers. We have beautiful big Kentia palms for around $40.00. Remember when you buy a plant it has reached its potential in its present pot so you need to pot plants up if you want them to grow bigger and to remain disease free. Use our Tim’s Best Potting Mix and you can’t go wrong. We are happy to see indoor plants coming back into fashion and we have a big selection of the most popular plants.

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Share prices have sky rocketed so big business is happy.
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