A Mystery tour to Tims Garden Centre - Oct 20, 2016

Dear Gardening Friends,
When you get old you can still garden and even if you're in a retirement village you can still grow plants in pots and watch them grow. Yesterday we had a bus load of oldies turn up from Canada Bay Social club. They were on a mystery tour and some of them weren't that happy that the tour leader had put Tim's Garden Centre on the itinerary. Why are we going there? Was the most asked question apparently.

As the bus unloaded one silent protester sat in our Fler Lounge chair just to let the guide know that he wasn't a garden lover. But the other club members meandered through the nursery, then they picked up baskets and before they knew it they had all bought a plant or two. They all began laughing and having a good time and then it suddenly dawned on them why we were on the mystery tour. Even the silent protester bought a plant or two.


We had another interesting character turn up during the week. A lady all dressed in red came into the nursery looking for a Geranium. "I bet your after a red one I inquired" Yes she replied. I found her a nice Big Red Geranium in a hanging basket and then as I carried it out to the car park I noticed that her car was red too!
We both had a laugh.
It turns out that Tanny has a red fetish which includes a red toilet, red bathroom tiles, table cloths, tea towels etc etc etc.
Tanny came back again yesterday to buy an English Rose bush. You guessed it, a red one.

Talking about red things, Arthur's Big Greek Tomato is setting sales records. Unfortunately the profits don't come to us.
If you want to grow the biggest and tastiest tomato in Macarthur then plant one of these.
Plants cost just $4.50 and all money raised is donated to The African AIDS Foundation.

AAF use the money to buy fencing, tools then they provide training so the Zulus can grow their own vegetables. Doctors have discovered that antiviral drugs work better if the recipients eat vegetables. Some of veggie gardeners have been so successful they are now able to supply their village with fresh veg and earn a living too. What a great idea. The workers are the women.

You can plant tomatoes right up to and after Christmas. I always plant a second crop in late January. Grow them in pots using Tim's Best Potting Mix and you will have success.
Tomatoes need to be watered daily for best results. Don't remove the laterals and you will get more tomatoes. Diggers ran a trial and proved this.


We have so much colour in the nursery this week. Bring your eyes down for a floral treat.
If you're looking for a hardy shrub that requires little water once established then plant a "Little Charmer" Polygala. I spotted these beauties growing at the entrance to Bridgewater Estate in Camden. They have grown into these amazing floral balls without pruning.

Pig's gone Greek this week. Happy that Arthurs Big Greek tomato has arrived in the nursery.

Happy Gardening